Getting Cozy With: The Bellybuttons

The BellybuttonsWe are The Bellybuttons. Bellybuttons is our name, bellybuttons are our game and we shan’t be satisfied, until man, woman, and child feel the same. Our music is Navel-gaze which is a reference to the fact that we spend hours upon hours, days upon days, weeks upon weeks, staring at our umbilici and waiting for the seeds of inspiration and creativity to be planted in the pastures of our minds. We believe that the spiritual significance of being in touch with ones bellybutton in our increasingly market-driven, individualistic, and  hedonistic society is unequalled by any form of organised religion, cult, or hobby. Only through true ‘oneness’ with our bellybuttons can we trudge ever closer to nirvana and obtain the true meaning of life which, of course, is ‘rocking out’. Our music shall relate the findings of this spiritual experiment back to our listeners and we hereby promise to offer wide-eyed poppy optimism, gnarly licks and heartfelt melancholia in equal measure.


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