Exclusive Video Premiere: Reno McCarthy – “Man of the City”

Reno McCarthy
UK-born, Quebec-raised artist Reno McCarthy shared his dance-rock EP Man of the City on August 14th. Written, produced, and arranged by himself, we weren’t surprised when he helped visualize the concept of the music video for the EP’s contagiously edgy title track, which we’re pleased to premiere today!

The video, directed by Émile Vallée, takes place in McCarthy’s hometown of Montreal and focuses on a man and his struggle living in today’s world, all while trying to find time for passion. From watching the song performed live to the video’s cheeky ending, McCarthy excels at his mission to make people smile and dance with Man of the City. When asked about the film-clip, McCarthy shared with AMBY;

“I’m so happy to finally be bringing this out in the open! We started planning the music video for Man of the City as early as last spring, shot it in July and planned to release it in mid-August along with the eponymous EP. We ended up stretching the post-production process so much that I think people may have stopped believing it was ever gonna come out. Émile Vallée and I were the only people living with this video for weeks, so it feels a little unreal to finally be sharing it with everyone. That delay did allow for the final cut to be just as we wanted it, which, in the end, is the most important thing. 

The video itself is very upbeat and entertaining and, in my opinion, absolutely in sync with the mood of the song. It’s one of those things where you could just see the picture and never hear the song, and you’d probably still be able to figure out what it sounds like. 

For instance, the parts with Jules (Ronfard, actor) walking around in the city were supposed to be introductory, just him walking around before the start of the song. Émile ended up having to use these shots while the song is playing, and in turns out that Jules, throughout the whole thing, walks perfectly in sync with the music, without any sort of indication. That can’t be a 5 minute-long coincidence! 

There’s an energetic show going on, beautiful shots of Montreal, and two random guys washing dishes, what’s not to like? It’s just a fun video that’s not hurting anybody, simply there to give 5 good minutes of entertainment!

Exclusively watch Man of the City on AMBY and follow updates from Reno McCarthy below. The Man of the City EP is available for download via iTunes here.


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