Exclusive Video Premiere: Souls – “I Wait For You”

Photo by Kerry Harrison

Are you ready to hear about one of the most innovate projects of 2015? Let us introduce you to Souls — the new solo adventure of former Skint & Demoralised member, producer, and long-time AMBY friend David Gledhill.

Souls’ hypnotically majestic debut single I Wait For You was released on November 6th. Now what makes this release different from everything else you’ve listening to today? The answer: Gledhill hasn’t a clue as to who’s singing on his own single. Mixed and mastered at Metropolis Studios, the vocals on the track are sung by an unknown 1930s American artist Gledhill discovered after searching through overlooked vocals in the vast Alan Lomax collection of American Voices. After cleaning up the audio and creating the enchanting music to go with, I Wait For You was born.

Today, we’re pleased to premiere the film-clip for the single — a beautiful, emotional rollercoaster which follows a young couple’s heart-wrenching love story. When asked about the video, director Aaron Bevan Bailey shared with us;

“When the guys from One Two Many played me the song it immediately conjured a sense of longing, but also a timelessness which only became more poignant when I heard about the story behind the unknown vocalist and what she was singing about. That sense of mystery, set in a modern context informed our story as a tale of love, loss and longing that transcended the ages. The interplay of nature and the city were other themes that I found interesting, and how the search for purity and the impossibility of that in an urban landscape were new influences across the ages from when the vocal was originally recorded and its release in this new iteration by SOULS.”

With over 20 songs now created with the same mysterious process, we cannot wait to see what else Gledhill has to offer in Souls’ debut record (slated for release in 2016). Exclusively watch I Wait For You on AMBY and follow updates from Souls below. I Wait For You is available for download via iTunes here.


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