5 Reasons to Love Dexters’ “We Paid For Blood”

It is the first time I have listened to Dexters and We Paid For Blood has made me want to listen to them more. Being from East London and sounding a lot like The Clash, The Jam, and The La’s, they’re a band to watch. Their music is infectious and they have loads of big tunes on the new album that I would listen to over and over again (well, I have listened to over and over again).


Dexters — We Paid For Blood

  1. It’s had really good support from radio stations like absolute, XFM, 6 Music, and Radio 1.
  2. It’s a breakthrough for the band and if you listen to the record, you’ll see why it’s changing people’s perceptions. They’ll change your mind, just like they changed mine – when I first heard about reviewing Dexters I was absolutely clueless on what to do and what to write. I had never heard any of this material and I think, in my own personal opinion, this record made me want to listen to them more.
  3. I always use a reason for my favourite track, well I have two — Your Lovely Wife and You Deserve The World (soppy at heart).
  4. The upbeat tempo of the tracks have such a feel-good factor that will make me want to dance.
  5. I love how Your Lovely Wife starts like a snake charmer and tells an actually story. I love how most tracks on this album tell a story.


Dexters’ tour which starts in November is selling well but London is already sold-out, folks. So definitely go and snag your tickets while you still can.

Review by Senna Hamilton | @_ssenna

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