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Dear Friends,

Sometimes I think of all the people in the world who I have never met and whom I will never meet, they feel so distant but yet we are the same. We have all met before and will again, every moment. The Individualist ideals that we get taught as children in the western world are what keep us in a state of discontent and loneliness. I believe, if we can sit across from someone on the train and know that we are fundamentally the same being, we might have mastered what the meaning of life is! Sure, we have different talents and different interests in this fleeting physical world, but we are all ultimately, simply love.

As a musician I have traveled most of the world performing to groups of people of all different shapes and sizes since I was 14 years old. I’ve done weddings, funerals, backing vocals for huge artists, backing vocals for my dad’s band, the O2 arena, a working men’s club in Leeds, but the one thing that is indisputable is how music brings people together. I love to look out into the crowd and know that we are all sharing an experience. This is the beauty of art, it’s experiential, not just audible and visual! We have a responsibility, now more than ever, to join people through song!! And nothing is more direct that doing this in a live setting. With live shows in mind is always how I write my music.

With the next chapter of my life, as Espa, officially ‘underway’, my hope is that I get to be of service to the world, but also have lots and lots of fun along the road. My other hope is that I get to duet with Justin Bieber by may 2016, but we can’t have it all!!

*train pulls in*

Espa x


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