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Mind Enterprises
I just woke up, I’m sitting in my bed, my girlfriend next to me, we’re drinking coffee.

She drinks lot of coffee, up to 10 cups a day but I can’t, it makes me freak out, I guess I’m sensitive to caffeine. I’m actually very sensitive to all kinds of chemical stimulation, but she’s not, she could have a double shot just before going to bed and sleep perfectly fine.

First thing I do when I wake up it’s to hit play on my old CD player. CDs are not much popular these days but I like them, I have a feeling they’ll come back eventually, but most importantly they’re cheap. I could’t afford to buy vinyls, that’s mainly because of the music I use to listen, west african relics from the 70’s. My guitarist share my same feelings for this kind of music but he’s fro the other side, a vinyl addict. Yesterday he texted me saying he just spent £70 for a 45, knowing that was wrong but he couldn’t help himself. Crazy. I’m quite jealous of his collection though…

Oscar Neve’s Mabele is spinning at the moment and makes me feel good, I watch outside the window. I reckon autumn it’s the best season in London, great colours and usually quite sunny, well.. ‘sunny’ as London can be.

Now I could start talk about this city or the one I come from in Italy, or the next place I’m planning to move to but I’ll spare you from all this because I think the obsession we have nowadays to get into day to day life of people it’s just wrong. We’re constantly talking, watching, sharing the most irrelevant stuff, and I think it’s a brain damaging form of entertainment. So I’ll stop here.

Enjoy the rest of your day. Hope you’ll like my song too :)


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