Exclusive Video Premiere [Old Building Sessions]: Whitebrow – “Thousand Steps”

AMBY would like to welcome everyone to the first episode of Old Building Sessions, a new series created by our friend, photographer, videographer, and director Rick Clifford. Clifford started the project with the web series’ very first performance featuring Gabriel DeSantis of Toronto-based indie-folk group Whitebrow.

A couple of weeks ago, they headed to the old church which held Whitebrow’s record release party for Mono Vodou — their sophomore album, recorded in a barn studio in Mono, Ontario and co-produced by DeSantis and Darryl Neudorf — where DeSantis performs a beautiful rendition of Thousand Steps. When asked about the project, DeSantis shared with AMBY;

“I think it’s a great idea to capture performances in old buildings. The environment you play in has a great impact on the kind of performance you give. Sometimes it hard to get there when you’re in a sterile studio room. These buildings have a lot of history, a lot more to look at and it’s much easier to let yourself go.”

Exclusively watch episode one of Old Building Sessions on AMBY and follow updates from Whitebrow below. Whitebrow will play Toronto’s The Dakota on December 11th and fans can RSVP here. Mono Vodou is now available for download via BandCamp here.


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