Getting Cozy With: Tom Prior

Tom Prior
My name is Tom Prior. I’m from Enfield, North London and I write songs.

Making music takes up most of the minutes in my day. I immersed myself in UK Grime growing up, I was fascinated by how people chose to use words and also how they delivered them.

As time passed, melody became more important to me and I set up a few bands, shifting my musical style and interests quite dramatically.

I quit all my existing projects early 2012 and began focusing on one that incorporated all of my previous influences. I released my debut ‘Bad Advice’ EP around this last time year.

It was really important to me that I explored as many sounds as I could early on. Both my heaviest and most subtle music are all on that project.

I dedicated this year to really trying to explore my own songwriting process. I met new producers, went to new studios, really trying to test myself and making sure I didn’t become too comfortable in my own routine. I’ve made a lot of music and written a lot of songs, but I did want this project, ‘Paint The Ceiling Blue’ EP to have a slightly more streamlined identity.

For that reason, there’s still plenty more music sat on my computer.

It was a real moment for me when XFM began supporting my music earlier this year. BBC London introducing have also began playing my latest music. It’s a good feeling. I dedicate pretty much all my time to my music, it really does never stop blowing my mind.

I have been putting this EP together with Blue Flowers and I am headlining their night on December 20th. You can buy tickets here.

Spending so long in the studio has been a bit of a treat at times. I’m happy with how things have come a long but I miss performing live as often as i did in previous years; so I’m really looking forward to playing this new stuff live.

As I said, there’s a lot of music in the pipeline. Here’s the first, ‘Take It All’.’


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