Getting Cozy With: Symmetry

Los Angeles, California.

It all started on Hollywood Blvd. at the Musicians Institute. This is where I met my guitarist Jared Hara while we were both taking our first steps into the LA music scene. While I attended M.I. for audio engineering, Jared was busy melting faces while studying with some of the world’s finest guitarists. It was through a mutual friend who introduced us and a seemingly unbreakable bond was then solidified. Unbeknownst to me, I would soon learn something both astounding and inspirational…

When Jared was 11 years old, he began to lose his eyesight due to a rare mitochondrial disorder called Leiber’s hereditary optic neuropathy. By the time he had turned 12, he was completely surrounded by darkness. As Jared states, “Sometimes in darkness, we find ourselves.” His passionate love for playing team sports, specifically ice hockey, quickly dissipated. He searched far and wide for something, anything, that could replace his love for playing hockey. Trying many different outlets, it wasn’t until he picked up an electric guitar that he truly discovered his newfound passion. Unknowingly, Jared’s determination to overcome his disability would eventually take him to the other side of the world and enable him to play most of the major venues scattered across the UK and parts of Europe.

Max D’Anda (drums) was born and raised in Los Angeles by a family of talented musicians. His musical education began at the age of seven years old when he received his first drum kit. While others attended typical public schools, Max was already ahead of the curve when he graduated from LACSA (Los Angeles County High School of the Arts). After a short semester at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, he returned to L.A to pursue his musical career. Shortly after returning home, he jammed with Jared and myself for the first time. We knew immediately that he would become an indispensable part of our team. At this point, the three of us were searching for a permanent bass player.

Also born into a musical family, Will Weiner (bass guitar) moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Los Angeles at 17 to attend the Musicians Institute. Upon arrival, he was the one musician out of hundreds to receive the Stanley Clarke scholarship. The amazing teachers at M.I helped mold Will into the talented musician he is today. He was the final piece of what we now call Symmetry.

We have had an incredible run so far, touring with the likes of Room 94, McBusted, James Arthur and Third Eye Blind. In between all of that, we embarked on our first headline tour. We are wrapping up 2015 by touring with London based alt/rock band, Don Broco. We’re confident that the momentum will only continue to build. We invite anyone who has heard our music, been to a show, bought merchandise, or in any way supported us to join our effort to spread a positive message around the world. We are constantly inspiring each other and can only hope to inspire you as well. Keep an eye out for Symmetry in 2016!


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