You’ve GOT To See This: Little Grim – “Infectious”

Little Grim
We last saw Little Grim in person as they captivated a packed sold out show at the #AMBYEASTER all dayer at The Fighting Cocks, Kingston in April with track such as singles “Vice” and “Blood Lust”. The band are expected to release their next single early in 2016.

To bridge the gap to release, Little Grim have performed a unique live session with The Clubhouse Sessions. Produced by Lawrence Biancardi it showcases a more laid back style with groove bass and drum samples from Chris Alger and Roger Muntzer, set off by a striking falsetto vocal from Joe Murphy and silky guitar lines from Jeremy Barclay.

It’s highly polished stuff, but the cleanness of the production belies a darker lyrical subject matter that escalates substance abuse to physical abuse at its climax. But the track itself pulls of this apparent contrast in the style of a modern day Scritti Politti (look them up kids – Green Gartside remains a fantastic artist today).  Little Grim look set to be a band that delivers on their early promise.


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Review by Gavin Watson | @watsongc

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