Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Friends Of Foes

Friends of Foes
was recently blown away by Saskatoon indie band Friends of Foes in concert and immediately knew we had to talk to the band. Guitarist, Matt Stinn answered our questions from their tour van while en route to their second-last stop on their Eastern Canadian tour. Read on below as Matt tells us about weird places they’ve stayed at, how the band chooses openers, and disgusting on-going jokes.

AMBY: Hey Friends of Foes, where do you find yourselves today?

Matt Stinn: Hey Heather, I’m currently responding to this interview in the back of our van from the highway, somewhere between Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie.

AMBY: What has tour life been like so far?

MS: Tour is always equal parts fun, work, stress and gratification. As a band we love to tour so it’s always a great experience for us no matter how long the drives or how late the nights. So far on this tour we’ve met countless great musicians and played to some very appreciate people so we couldn’t ask for more. Also, since most of these cities are new to us as a band, there’s a certain sense of exploration with each show we play.

AMBY: Tell us about some of the interesting places you have stayed.

MS: So far on this tour we’ve stayed in some pretty “out there” places. The highlight reel includes a commune in a 120 year old house in Winnipeg and punk label, Emery Street, in Montreal..

AMBY: What are some essential things you need to have with you when you go on tour?

MS: When I pack for tour I try to keep things light and simple so I only have two small bags to carry into hotels and venues. My “must haves” is a very short but reasonable list that includes extra shoes/boots, throat spray in case I’m getting sick, deodorant and earplugs so I can have some quiet time in the van if we’re on a long drive. Other than that, just general toiletries and enough clean clothes to last the trip.

AMBY: How do you choose the bands that open for you along the way?

MS: When I’m booking shows I try to pick bands that would fit well on a bill with us as well as have good local draw so we can be exposed to as many new listeners as possible.

AMBY: We really liked hearing your new stuff at your Toronto stop. It was so much fun to see you perform “Youth”, what have been your favourite tracks to play live?

MS: My favourite track to play live currently is called “Monarch”. It’s a new track from our upcoming release and I really enjoy the energy and groove we as a band seem to get into when we play it. It also helps that it’s been a very well-received song on tour (so far anyways).

AMBY: What has been the coolest fan interaction you’ve had so far?

MS: Randy from the Trailer Park Boys came to our show last night in Sudbury and had some very flattering thoughts on our music and performance.

AMBY: What’s next for Friends of Foes? When will we see you in Toronto again?

MS: We have a lot of tour plans for Western-Canada over the winter but we hope to make it back out East in the mid/late summer months.

AMBY: Finally, what’s something about Friends of Foes that your fans don’t know yet?

MS: The on-going jokes tend to get disgusting after 6-7 days in a van together.


Thank you Friends Of Foes, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Heather Cook | @Outroupistache1

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