AMBY contributor Jules Faurschou rings in 2016 by reflecting on Lollapalooza Berlin 2015


One of the absolute festival highlights in Europe this year was getting Lollapalooza to Europe for the first time. AMBY share some favorite sights and moments from this years festival and look forward to Lolla Berlin’s return in 2016.

The series of Lollapalooza festivals have showed off a fine concept in North and South America for years so a lot of people have hoped to get it over to Europe as well and was quite thrilled now that it happened. German capital Berlin toke the prestigious role as host for the occasion and did a decent job. The take-off was a bit of a rough one to be honest, but a rookie start is to be learned from. The rest of the festival went all smooth.

Favorite sights at Lolla Berlin 2015:

– “Jump into your festival”. Free falling into a maddress, brought a lot of creative jumps.

– Circus artist driving around the area in creative planes and cars from time to time.

– Kidsapalooza with skate park and bubble fun.

– Waldo, Waldo, Waldo.. Lots of audiences noticed the men dressed as “Waldos”.

– Great artwork with colorful banners and a huge cube covered in interesting street art.

Favorite concerts moments at Lolla Berlin 2015:

– Bastille: Lots of heart shaped balloons in the audience and Smith walked into the crowd to greet cheers.

– Beatsteaks: Discovered this great live band. Lots of fans at the show and awesome energy.

– Everything Everything: Brought some new catchy songs and more colors to Lolla Berlin.

– James Bay: Charmed the audience with a strong sound, nice energy and a Ghostbusters T.

– The Libertines: Doherty started the show with a kick to the mic and The Libertines are back.

– Sam Smith: This lovely singer fought a cold and brought us a strong and heartfelt performance.

Lolla Berlin generally brought a lot of great festival experiences to the audiences this year with a wide range of artist to perform and I am therefor thrilled to know that Lolla Berlin will make a return in 2016. It will be exciting to see the development of the festival as well as which artist will be selected to perform next time around. I can recommend you to go there if possible and might see you then.


Review and Photo by Jules Faurschou | @rockonpoets

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