Getting Cozy With: Ella On The Run

Ella On The Run
Before the holidays, AMBY spoke with songstress Ella On The Run. Get cozy with her below.

I love getting cozy, actually it is one of my obsessions. So before writing this intro I have lit some candles, dimmed the lights and made a nice cup of tea. I hope you do the same and feel free to exchange the tea for coffee, chocolate milk or whiskey if that’s your poison. I won’t judge.

This weekend I shot a very cool session video and I decided to do a cover of an old 90s classic. I don’t normally go for covers, so it was actually quite fun performing something different and it put me in a nostalgic mood. So today I spent most of my time listening to tunes from the 80s and 90s while procrastinating the things I needed to get done, like writing this. Instead I spent some quality hours cleaning through all my kitchen cabinets – spring cleaning finally done… I am very good at prioritising.

In one week I leave to Switzerland to see my family for Christmas and of course I have none of the presents and I will be spending the rest of the week in the studio working on some new songs for next year’s EP… so online shopping it is! As for me I already got my Christmas present, the Native Instrument Machine, so I will be spending most of the holidays playing with that! Hopefully what I come up with will rock your socks off in the new year.. and if it doesn’t, please keep it to yourself. Haha.

I have to continue to procrastinate important things now and TLC just appeared on my playlist so I have to love you and leave you now, because I am perfecting Lisa Left Eye Lopez’s rap on Waterfalls for my next karaoke performance… If you want to keep the cozy vibe going with me, why not check out my new current single ‘Cavalry’ and the fun little video I made together with my brother just for the hell of it – if you like stop motion and mischievous cavalry play mobile men, this will be right up your alley! Caution some scenes may involve fictional nudity.

Happy holidays to all and I wish you a great new year!

Ella OTR

P.S. I hope your new year’s resolution will be to follow Ella On The Run on all social platforms… and as everyone knows I am the Instagram girl Justin Bieber was looking for… obviously.


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