A Tribute: 13 of our favourite David Bowie songs

David Bowie
I am almost at a loss for words today. I don’t believe Bowie’s life, his artistry, or even his death can be summed up with mere words. So, I will endeavour (perhaps unsuccessfully) to leave the metaphors in this introduction to him.

Only David Bowie could give David Bowie such a send-off. Privately aware of his impending death, he constructed and imagined a final album of which death was – inexplicably, until this morning – the central theme. He quite literally turned his death into art. What a thing, to be so brave as to create something of your own end – to blatantly refuse to shy away from it; to rule it, instead of letting it rule you. This man was, is, will forever remain one of the most complicated, influential, and incendiary artists of all time.

I keep expecting his new album (probably called “Just Kidding”) to hit the shelves. Perhaps that is because I don’t think Bowie will ever really die. His art will be passed down like a family heirloom; it is relevant for every generation. Today we say goodnight (but not goodbye) to a poet, a genius, and a man whose freak flag flew so high it gave people (myself included) the courage to raise their own. Thank you for your sound and vision.

Piece by Tanis Smither | @Tanisquinn

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