Exclusive Track Premiere: SKYES – “Dry”


Hailing from New York, SKYES is comprised of D.A. Knightly (vocals/keys), Daniel Trier (guitar/effects), and Arthur Fleischmann (bass/effects/hair). Today we’re pleased to share the band’s latest release, a bold piece of mysterious synth-pop entitled Dry.

With its sultry vocal performance, haunting atmosphere, and flawless song structure, you’ll be swaying your body to the contagious beats of this fresh trio in no time. When asked about the song, SKYES vocalist Dallin shares with AMBY;

“I heard the term “dry bender’ from a sober alcoholic. A dry bender is about thinking that the problem is fixed by stopping the compulsive action: alcohol, drugs, sugar, sex, addictive love, etc- without ever dealing with the underlying issue. ‘These dry benders lead me straight to the bottle…'”

The trio currently have one self-titled EP under their belt and are gearing up to release a second collection of their music. Follow updates from SKYES and exclusively listen to Dry on AMBY below.


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