You’ve GOT to Hear This: Weezer – “Do You Wanna Get High?”

Weezer make me proud to be a 90’s kid. If you haven’t heard of the group (which I highly, highly doubt), they’re the alternative rock band behind the hits “Buddy Holly”, “Say It Ain’t So”, and “Island In The Sun”. Presently in the band there is Rivers Cuomo, Patrick Wilson, Scott Shriner, and Brian Bell. As of November 3rd, they released the single “Do You Wanna Get High?”. Talking about the new single, Rivers describes it;

“Do You Wanna Get High?” sounds like it’s a really yucky and intentionally uncomfortable portrayal of the addict’s life. There’s nothing sexy, fun or funny about it, and it’s cruising along doing its thing, when Whoa Hey what is this sweet little bridge thing? Suddenly the song is sunny and sweet and in my mind, creatively this is when the high kicks in – suddenly everything is lovely and dreamy (and not the gritty reality of the rest of the song).”

Indulge in the song below and follow updates from Weezer here.


Review by Julie Thomsen

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