You’ve GOT to Hear This: Such A Mess – “Tether”

Such A Mess
A band born out of the sun-soaked, undying California, American pop-punk scene, Such A Mess stick to their roots yet still incorporate the emo-rock influences the band members listened to throughout their high school years. A band just like any other pop-punk band starting out their careers with the upbeat fast paced tracks (taking pop-punk connoisseurs blink-182 as a prime example) but then growing older and starting to incorporate those real life, sometimes dark lyrics. Plunging headfirst deeper into their emotions, as lead singer Sebastian Egurvide says “We’re not the happy boys we were a few years ago. Let’s face it, life sucks and it gets the best of us. This is us pouring our hearts out to the world.”

Releasing their first demo Times Like These in 2010, a classic punk tribute to the childhood friends that are still by your side, then going on to release Times Like These EP in the late month of December 2011, the band created a strong buzz online and gained so much popularity it won them Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands which gave them a spot on the 2012 Vans Warped Tour. Throughout 2013, Such A Mess spent their year writing and working on their craft. But not forgetting a second consecutive Warped Tour spot. Then 2014 came around and the band released their very first album Good Intentions Giving Away. Highlighting the bands strong roots and thus firmly placing themselves as a consistent, honest, talented band in the pop-punk scene that has no intentions of falling from the success ladder anytime soon.

At the end of August 2015, the band released a joint EP with fellow Common Ground Records friends Post Season, Greetings From. The two tracks by Such A Mess are Keep To Myself (In F Sharp Minor) and Tether. “KTM” has a dimmer sound. A lot more personal, with a heavy guitar riff consistently throughout, smooth transitions into the chorus and heart-touching vocals give the genuine feeling of lost and wanting something that you loved so much back but knowing it’s never going to happen. Tether, although falls under the same sore subject of wanting something you just can’t quite get your hands on (“You’re always running away/ If you’re not happy now, then when?”) it’s a more upbeat punk-rock influence based track. Yet another strong guitar riff with a captivating melody that will be sure to stick in your mind.

If an authentic, honest, fast paced pop-punk band with more hooks than a tackle box, that can still get in touch with the true emotions felt by you and me throughout every day life is your thing, then Such A Mess are definitely a band to keep your eye on that deserve the recognition.

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Review by Jess Lofthouse | @jessslofthouse

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