Tour Manager’s Guide: Seattle

Seattle TM Guide
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Hi. My name is Danny. I’ve been touring with bands for some time and want to tell you about some of the places we’ve been. I know, I’m missing some important things from these cities but this is just what I’ve had time to see. If you have suggestions regarding where to go in your beloved hometown the next time I’m hurtling through in a van filled with drunk people, please let me know.

OK. Seattle. On tour you get Per Diems, or money for food, and I save some of mine specifically to go ape shit on sushi in this city. On my last 3 tours we drove up from Portland to get to Seattle. Thus, this is a guide to Seattle if you started the morning off in Portland. I suggest waking up in Portland at the Jupiter hotel around 9 AM and eating breakfast at Doug Fir before departing. Seattle is an easy 3.5 hour drive up from PDX. Be prepared to lose yourself in the pillowy pillow clouds, rocky bluffs, and vast expanses of moist pacific northwest forests fit for flying around with vampires and making out with werewolves etc.

First stop is Seattle’s famed Cuban sandwich haunt, Paseo. There are a few locations but I prefer the original one in Fremont. You will wait in line and it is messy but I defy you to not scream, “WHAAAAAAAT!?” when that Cuban sandwich lands on your tongue. Seattle is not SF or NYC pricey but it’s pricey. I like to stay at Hotel Deca near the University because it’s in a good location, is affordable, and has parking for large vehicles. At some point in time many major cities decided that building a gigantic needle with an oversized restaurant at the top was a great idea. I don’t know why this decision was made but I do know they’re all a waste of time so skip the Space Needle and #uber over to Pikes Place Market. PPM sits on the Seattle waterfront and is filled with trinkets to buy, fish to smell, and beautifully weird people to watch. You will probably walk past the original Starbucks but I say keep walking because who gives a shit? Keep walking till you get to Rachel’s Ginger Beer. But Danny, I don’t like ginger beer… Silence! Get a spiked one and enjoy. At least I am pretty positive this is where I went for spiked ginger beer in PPM. Turn on some life affirming indie hits and walk around Olympic Sculpture Park while contemplating the meaning of existence. Go back to your hotel. Shower. Drink a beer. Go to Umi for sushi and order the moon raker roll followed by everything on the fresh menu. You’ll spend 60-70 but again this meal is a splurge. Now for the gig. I’ve tour managed gigs all over town but my favorite venues are The Neptune Theater (directly across from your hotel) and the smaller yet iconic Crocodile Lounge over in Belltown. Obviously there are a few venues in Seattle and opinions will vary but these are my favorite. Sodo Showbox is also a decent option. Sleep off your hangover at Deca and walk over to U:don in the morning for… the udon and Hawaii’s brilliant wartime creation, Spam Musubi. If you’re unfamiliar with Spam Musubi, it was created during WW2 in Hawaii when fish and other things you put on sushi were in short supply. Spam sushi? Sounds gross Danny… I agree, it does sound gross, but I fell head over heels for this stuff on tour and have been coming back ever since. This is about all I’ve ever had time for in Seattle.

If you have suggestions for my next time in town please let me know!

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