Review + Photos: Counterfeit and Tigercub @ Pumpehuset – Copenhagen

Concerts for 2016 are already up and starting. AMBY member Jules Faurschou went to cover some of the first concerts of the year in Copenhagen where the new UK bands Counterfeit and Tigercub were about to kick-start the year and shake things up again with a bunch of infectious, tough tunes.

It gets dark early on in the afternoon and it is quite chilly to have a walk outside in Europe these winter days. So it was perfectly festive to be met with a huge neon sign and colorful party lights to glow up the area outside the venue Pumpehuset in Copenhagen on the first days of the New Year. Inside, the audience was waiting for Tigercub and Counterfeit to perform. I realized that I had arrived to a pretty intimate venue with about 200 other peeps or so and it was actually a bit difficult to spot out the low build stage in the far end corner of the room (as it was already surrounded by dedicated fans that have taken position to watch the concerts close to the stage). This made me wonder what the stage really looked like and how I could get up there to take notes and photos of the show without disturbing what seemed like great fans. I managed to move my way up to the front and talked a bit with some excited fans that had been out early on to meet the band and get a good spot.

First off was support act Tigercub. Three guys appeared on the dark lit stage with a somehow introvert attitude and long hair to cover their faces. Instead they were letting their subtle headbangs and active moves to the tough riffs and beats take attention. Some well-needed raw music to kick off the new year. Tigercub is a younger UK band like the headliner, but with a different type of music as they had brought a bunch more grunge-styled songs along to share with the crowd. Keeping up a sound that reminds you of good old Nirvana. Tigercub also seemed to add a touch of alternative rock to their music which made some tunes stick out from the rest — like song “Pictures of You” with a Mini Mansions sort of vibe. It was an interesting start of the evening and definitely fed the hunger for more live music.

The UK punk-rockers in Counterfeit are a more curious case in music business though. The band has just started out in the late 2015 and had it’s very first gig in London at that time. The concert in Copenhagen for the night was just the second show planned, as well as the very first show outside the UK, on the very first tour. But the band already has several dedicated fan groups spread across Europe that wish to attend to the gigs. Some of the followers are huge fans of lead singer Jamie Campbell Bowel that is also known as a model for popular fashion brands and as an actor staring in various blockbuster movies. The band is actually not that new to live shows and touring, either. Jamie and some of the other band members have played together in the more soft-based band The Darling Buds earlier on. Fans have followed along to a new era with Counterfeit even though the sound and style is going in a more raw and tough direction than they have heard before. Counterfeit has just released one song to the public for now, called “Come Get Some”. It does seem to be a promising song for the band with a kind of heavy, catchy sound that is able to get your attention right away. I think it is too interesting not to check out closer up.

Counterfeit seemed to all be concentrated on how to get the right noisy sound at the start of the show, and you could excuse them for just starting out with live performances for the band. But when they had played for a little while, it was like the band had put whatever thoughts it was aside; they were all warmed up and showed the audience what they are made of. Their sound reached a top level as both instruments carried on playfully and vocals harmonized with high standard. The band members interacted well together and all seemed to share nice contributions to both sound and the dynamics on stage. The five piece live band kind of filled out the stage entirely just by being there with equipment and all, but you would see them rock out on the possible space to use under the colorful stage lights. Campbell Bower proved to be a great front figure with his charismatic persona and solid vocal shifting easily between soft spots and screaming out the words. He seemed to know exactly how to add some extra sparks to the performance as he reached over the edge of the stage a few times or grasped the mic to share a few sarcastic anecdotes between songs. Sometimes he would ask the crowd to let loose on the floor which kept the right attitude going there as well. At the end of the concert, I had a feeling that the audience were privileged to have watch Counterfeit play one of the first shows and at such an intimate venue, because besides a fast growing fan base they have the right charisma, attitude, and songs to go far.



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Review and Photos by Jules Faurschou | @rockonpoets

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