Getting Cozy With: Ideomotor

We seem to be always dwelling about the fact how difficult or sometimes productive it can be to be in a band where the other half lives in Zurich, Switzerland and the other in Helsinki, Finland. The distance equates to roughly the same as Vancouver to Winnipeg in Canadian terms. But it seems this isn’t what makes us “the most international band in Finland”, at least according to our session bass player. As it happens we were recording some bass tracks this week for a couple of new songs we have been working on. After we had finished, our hired gun casually mentioned we have “the most international setup” of any artist in Finland. He’s a warmhearted guy and I’m sure he meant it in the best possible way!

Apparently the only thing missing was my entourage. We always appear as a duo, but that is not entirely true. It seems we are much more a collective nowadays and am beginning to count our recording engineer, and of course our producer, our session bass player and our live keyboards as band mates rather than Ideomotor just being about myself and Kimmo. The end product always includes creative input from us all.

I hope the drop from our “international scale” studio setup ( to our live debut next week isn’t too hard. We are playing two shows around Helsinki, Finland and it has to be said I am a bit nervous. Both myself and Kimmo have played in a hundred places in Finland, but never with our ‘band’. We have a small live crew consisting of us two accompanied by Johannes in synth and some backing vocals. Luckily Johannes has some serious big stage experience so we’re relying on him to help us through the first shows. I for one certainly hope these gigs don’t get us dethroned from being the most international band in Finland.


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