Exclusive Video Premiere: Aryk Crowder – “Perfect Body”

Aryk Crowder
“I hope this video can only further the thinking that beauty is truly more than skin deep.”

There’s nothing we love more here at AMBY than fantastic music and positive vibes. Soul singer and songwriter Aryk Crowder seems to have the same mindset, and we’ve always loved him for that. This past summer, the Chicago native was seen dragging a mirror and stool to the sands near Lake Michigan. Who knew such a simple gesture could have such an emotional impact.

Taken from his EP 2×4 Vol. 1, the video for Perfect Body was inspired by Crowder’s interest in the 2011 documentary Miss Representation. When asked about the film’s influence, Crowder shared;

“Watching (Miss Representation) caused me to look at some of the relationships I’ve had in life and how I valued them. After some self-reflection, I took a hard look at what I really valued and what I would want to say to the women in my life.”

The video highlights women of various ages, skin tones, and backgrounds and includes actresses, singers, dancers, and even some of Crowder’s family members. Throughout the film-clip, the women sing along to the song’s inspirational lyrics all while writing what they love about themselves. The real genius of the video, however, lies within the thought-provoking and heartwarming ending. Don’t worry – we won’t spoil it.

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