Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ SATE

SATE is a soulful, dirty rock and roll, dance-hit making artist from Toronto on a mission to “satisfy and empower a nation”. Ahead of her show at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, AMBY met up with SATE to discuss empowerment, liking messages, and totem animals. Learn more in the exclusive interview below.

AMBY: Hey SATE, thanks for speaking with us today. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

SATE: My name is SATE.

AMBY: We’re really enjoying your track Warrior. What inspired the song? What’s the story behind the song?

SATE: I wanted something to dance to. I’m all about empowerment and really just I think we kinda live in a world where there’s so much getting us down. There’s so much sadness in the news and there are people around doing things that they don’t want to do -that aren’t making them happy. So that’s really what Warrior is about; awakening that fire, that spirit that supports you doing whatever the fuck you want that makes you happy.

AMBY: What was it like recording the Red, Black and Blue EPs?

SATE: Pretty fucking incredible [laughs]. It’s always about getting the music that’s out of yourself and putting it on musicians and hearing it come to life is emotional, you know? Just having a group of really badass players just play the shit out of it and really give the love that you want inspires me to sing and to put everything that I’ve ever wished for onto each of the songs. So it was an incredible experience.

AMBY: Can you explain how each of the EPs relate with your “totem animals”?

SATE: So, I would never want to encroach or appropriate anything but there are animals that follow me and guide me that pop up all the time. Totem animals or “spirit animals” you could call them. The Red Robin is the first one. I love spring time, it makes me happy when the snow is gone [laughs]. The Black Panther and the Blue Butterfly. All of them are really about transformation and coming out and shedding old and becoming new. Like springtime for the Robin and for the Panther it’s all about embracing the night and darkness and rebirth. And of course the Butterfly is all about transformation. We’re always transforming, I’m always transforming but it was a huge time of transformation for me and just shedding old and just coming into what I feel is my new phase of life.

AMBY: I thought it was a really interesting idea to allow the fans who are “pledging” for the Red, Black and Blue EP’s to vote for their favourite songs to be on your new album. Where did that idea come from?

SATE: I want to claim it as my own [laughs]. I mean you have conversations and throw shit out but I think the whole crowd funding thing is in and itself a way to interact with your fans and I figured since they’re here, why not ask them which ones they like the best. They’re my sounding board, it just made sense to me.

AMBY: You’re now playing a show here in Toronto tonight which we cannot wait to cover. Which songs are your favourite to perform in a live setting?

SATE: All of them! [laughs] My encore song I’m really hoping to perform, it’s a cover song.

AMBY: Are you going to be playing any be playing any new songs?

SATE: It will be all the songs from the album so a lot of them will be new to a lot of people. We’ve been playing a lot of the songs off of the EPs for the last year but now that the songs have been chosen, we’re focusing on the ones that are chosen.

AMBY: What do you have planned for 2016? What’s coming up next for you?

SATE: The album is coming, yes I’ll be doing some shows across Canada. I’ll be hitting Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, I think Calgary and there’s still dates coming in but I’m looking forward to that. The summertime is going to be filled with festivals and stuff. Fall is filled with festivals and possibly Europe, we’re talking about that so it’s looking busy. Quite frankly, I don’t fucking want to be home, that’s what I want. That’s my resolution wish for 2016. Don’t leave me home for like any longer than a week.

AMBY: Well Europe’s the way to do it!

SATE: [laughs] Exactly!

AMBY: Lastly, what would you like to say to your fans who will be reading our interview?

SATE: Check me out, like me, send me messages, I like messages. I don’t know, I like interaction, come to the shows, buy the music – actually the pledge music is still open. I’ll actually close it when the album comes out. That will be sometime early this year. There’s eighteen songs there that won’t be released to anybody else but the pledgers, so if they wanted to there’s a chance for that and other really cool stuff too!


Thank you SATE, for giving us your answers!

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