Exclusive Video Premiere: Totem Terrors – “Chicken”

Totem Terrors
Taken from their sophomore record Hard Science, AMBY faves Totem Terrors will release their second single Chicken on February 19th. The single is a blistering piece of minimalist post-punk featuring their signature boy and girl raging vocals.

Today we’re excited to premiere the eye-catching, non-stop flickering, fear-inspired video for the single. When asked about the film-clip, Max Terror shared with us;

“The video’s about feeling the fear in British provincial towns. You think nothing happens here, but that’s not true, it does. There’s something sinister about quiet streets, closed down youth centres, mossy subways, poorly lit open spaces, dark parks, roads where everything beyond the headlights is pitch black. I go out walking a lot at night and I live in a tiny community on the coast next to Cardiff. The other night I was climbing over the ruins of an old boat shed and there was fresh graffiti. It was hard to make out the words so I put my flashlight on it and there it was, foot-high letters spelling out IF YOU’RE READING THIS IT’S TOO LATE. I mean, it was obviously just the work of some teenage Drake fan because the o’s were looped the same as on the artwork, but it’s still a pretty unnerving thing to uncover at 3am. Sometimes it’s hard to shake the feeling that something’s behind you, y’know like you can turn around, but it’s still behind you, so you can never confront it. You can only try to run away. You want to get to a built up area, lights, commotion, drunk people swearing at taxi drivers and police sirens and stuff. That’s comforting in comparison. The sections with the dancing light woman (that’s actually Rosie, folks!) were conceived as an homage to the dancing tinsel man in Bear In Heaven’s ‘Reflection Of You’ video by John Lee, which is one of the best videos ever made. Ours was filmed half by a guy called Simon Ayre who is an excellent photographer friend of ours, with proper equipment, and half by us on mobile phones because it felt authentic and We Jam Econo, ya know?”

If you want two minutes of post-punk euphoria, look no further and exclusively watch Chicken on AMBY below. Hard Science is out now and is available via Diet Pops. Chicken will be available via Totem Terrors’ BandCamp on the 19th.


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