Review: Mayday Parade, The Maine, Have Mercy, and Beautiful Bodies @ O2 ABC – Glasgow

The Black Lines tour hit the UK headlined by Mayday Parade along with a strong support of The Maine, Have Mercy and Beautiful Bodies. This was a pretty stellar American line-up that would grace the UK shores.

First up on the bill was the incredible Beautiful Bodies with lead singer Alicia Solombrino bursting with energy as she danced, slid and moonwalked across the stage throughout the set. A little bit of fun with one of the security guards in the pits and a few crowd selfies later she climbed back up on stage to admit this was their first time in Scotland. They sure rocked the debut.

Have Mercy were up next slowing things down compared to the antics of Beautiful Bodies but still managed to keep the crowd moving. Perhaps too much of the same style of songs slightly stuttered the proceedings and left you feeling that they were just a generic emo band.

Things picked up majorly as The Maine took to the well lit shade to bounce straight into a favourite of mine, ‘English Girls’ from an album that I would have in my top 10 albums of all time ‘American Candy’. They certainly got the crowd going with sing-alongs, jokes mid-song and the charismatic charm of front man John O’Callaghan certainly helped. ‘Am I Pretty?’ got everyone dancing as they continued to warm the crowd for the main act just before they finished with piano led ‘Another Night on Mars’. This was a key moment of the night as the sounds of the crowd echoed throughout the building as they projected their voice to this chorus singalong. If you just turned up at this show without a clue as to who the bands were, you’d certainly think they were the main act.

As the crowd waited in the dark for the arrival of Mayday Parade, anticipation gripped the crowd to see their favourite band. With such a large back catalogue of songs to choose from it’s always difficult trying to figure out what exactly they would play. Screams left right and centre from the crowd showed they had picked the perfect mix with classics such as ‘Three Cheers for Five Years’ and ‘Jersey’ being mixed in with new songs like ‘One of Them Will Destroy the Other’. With tearjerker ‘Terrible Things’ slowing things down a little they showed the extent and range of what they could do showing that tonight they have proven that they deserve to be where they are after all of this hard work.


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Review by Ryan Johnston | @ryanjohnstonco | Website

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