Exclusive Video: “The Griswolds” Play AMBY A Song

The Griswolds
Photo by Jared Osullivan

AMBY adores Australian dance-rock group The Griswolds. From featuring the foursome three years ago when the site was just created to interviewing them in-person last summer, it’s always a pleasure teaming up with this group!

In celebration of all the love and romance in the air on Valentine’s Day, The Griswolds used the infamous Acapella App to perform an acoustic, stripped down version of their “heavily romantic” song Red Tuxedo (taken from their 2014 EP release Heart of a Lion) which was recorded in their “remote songwriting house in the middle of nowhere” (you’ll even see cicadas and eagles in the background).

The beauty of this segment is that artists can record whatever, wherever, using whichever recording device and quality they can access – leaving the segment as intimate as possible!

Dive into our latest exclusive video as the band’s frontman, Christopher Whitehall, plays AMBY a song!

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