Exclusive Video Premiere + Interview: Linney – “That Night”

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Taken from her forthcoming EP Things We Say, we’re delighted to premiere the vibrant video for That Night by singer and songwriter Linney. Better known to her friends and family as Caitlin Linney, this Los Angeles’ artist delivers a sultry, electronic-pop, dance hit with this release which leaves us craving the EP.

The Things We Say EP is scheduled for release on March 11th and is available for pre-order via iTunes here. Follow updates from Linney, indulge in our interview, and exclusively enjoy That Night on AMBY below.


AMBY: Hey Linney, welcome to AMBY. Where does our interview find you today?

Linney: Hey, there! Thanks so much for taking the time to chat. Right now, I’m sitting in my home studio here in Los Angeles. Just started a new song and I’m listening to it on repeat while I type :)

AMBY: You’re going to release your debut EP next month – congrats! Tell us a bit about the release.

Linney: When we first started planning this project I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to achieve with the new music. In life, I want to leave every room brighter than when I entered it. So the musical way of doing that was to write songs that make people feel something. That then allows them to connect. However they choose. Maybe it reminds them of that perfect night. The one that felt like yesterday and they can recall what the moon looked like when they drove down the road & what song was playing on the radio. I specifically put positive spins on every situation. There’s a breakup song on the first EP but we made it more of an anthem. Like, “you go girl, don’t give up on you!” kinda thing. I want these songs to make people feel alive. Like they’re driving on the freeway with their windows down, music up, singing along. That kind of thing. Freedom.

AMBY: That Night is such a catchy love song and we adore the video for it. What’s the story behind the track?

Linney: First off, I’m so excited AMBY will be premiering the video! Thank you for that. We started that song after the holidays when we’d just been home and reconnecting with people we knew back in High School. There are certain people and places that you collect in you mind and no matter how much changes, you remember them the way you met them. Almost as if they were better in a memory and you’d rather not change that perfect night. You can replay it in your mind a million times and it goes unchanged. And perfect.

We stitched individual memories of people and places that we can’t forget. In verse two, they run through the woods until the trees clear and this gorgeous crystal lake appears in front of them. The moon and the stars are sitting on the water, reflections breathing with the wind. They run to the edge, hold their breath and dive in. Shattering the sky – the stars the moon, swallowing them whole. For me, it’s a metaphor of that moment you decide to commit whether it a relationship or just a kiss.

AMBY: What’s your all-time favourite love song?

Linney: Oh man. Guess I’d have to say, “With or Without You” – U2 or “Poison & Wine” – Civil Wars. So beautiful. So haunting.

AMBY: You recently put your spin on The Chainsmokers’ Roses. Can we expect any other covers from you in the future? If so, what else would you like to cover?

Linney: Yes! I love that one. And absolutely. One of my new year’s resolutions is to build up my channel. Jeff (drummer, co-writer) and I plan to start releasing covers on a regular schedule. As far as future content, I guess you’ll just have to subscribe to my channel to find out :-D

AMBY: You’ve shared a few photographs of lions with your fans. Do they represent something to you? What’s their significance?

Linney: I’ve always been a very shy and sensitive person. It’s both a blessing and a curse, because it allows me to feel things deeply, but can also make life difficult at times. For me, the lion symbolizes a quiet confidence that I connect to. The lion is mentioned in verse 2 of “I’d Rather Burn” which will be on the 2nd EP: “Things We Do.” My friend Shelby also gave me a lion necklace for my birthday right before we started writing for the album. I wore it to most of the sessions to remind myself of that.

AMBY: I saw that you hit the slopes the other day. What else do you enjoy doing outside of creating music?

Linney: Well, first off, let me say, I’m a terrible skiier. But I HAD A BLAST! Ha. I think as an artist you have this responsibility to experience life at it’s fullest if you’re planning on writing about it. I think it’s important to do something that scares you everyday. Skiing definitely scared me, but by going through with it, I proved to myself that I could do it.

I love being active. I recently fell in love with running. It’s my sanctuary. I love yoga too. Oh and I love animals. I’ll go visit the animal shelters whenever I have free time. I can’t have a pet right now because I’m so busy, but someday!

AMBY: You posted a photograph which said “Girls compete with each other. Women empower one another”. What advice would you give to young women who want to pursue a career in the music industry?

Linney: Be true to yourself & trust your instincts. Those instincts start out as a quiet little voice that grows louder the more you listen.

It’s so easy to get jealous. It’s a human emotion. But it’s apples and oranges. You have something to offer that is unlike anything else in the entire world. Don’t let your perception of others affect that. Foster that flame and let it shine. Don’t let anything get its’ way.

AMBY: Lastly, what’s something about Linney that most of your fans don’t know yet?

Linney: Okay. This is too hard to pick just one.

  1. I love the rain.
  2. I grew up on 10 acres of old farmland in North Carolina.
  3. I was in a college BFA Musical Theater program but felt like I was learning how to be a caricature of myself so I left the program and designed my own major by taking classes at Berklee College of Music as well.
  4. Ryan Gosling has touched my hand.


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