Exclusive Video Premiere + Interview: Tringa Rexhepi – “Full Time”

Tringa Rexhepi
It’s an exciting time to be Toronto-based singer and songwriter Tringa Rexhepi. With an EP scheduled for release this Spring, Rexhepi has unveiled a teaser single entitled Full Time – a soulful, electronic-pop gem which will have you belting out the explosive vocals within a listen. Today we’re delighted to premiere its lyric video. Full Time is available for download via iTunes here. Follow updates from Tringa, indulge in our interview, and exclusively enjoy Full Time on AMBY below.


AMBY: Hi Tringa, welcome to AMBY! Where does our interview find you today?

Tringa: I spent the morning camped out at a coffee shop working out lyrics for a song that had been buried in my iPhone voice memos. Haha. Tonight I have rehearsal for an acoustic set happening at Lou Dawgs next Thursday for which I was up until almost 1am last night working on. Lifestyles of the not so rich and not so famous?

AMBY: You spent a lot of time singing covers – how exciting is it for you to have these two singles under your belt?

Tringa: I have always been an interpreter of other people’s art. Between my work in theatre, singing Albanian and Kosovar music (where my family hails from), and fronting cover bands, I’ve had a lot to pool from with my originals. It’s thrilling to be the one creating the stories of these songs.

AMBY: We’re delighted to premiere your lyric video for Full Time. Tell us a bit about the electrifying single.

Tringa: The concept for the song came to me on a busy streetcar one Friday night. A young couple came on who had the most electric chemistry and I was hit with a visual of them first locking eyes in a crowded club. Then I was the weirdo humming into my phone and I pretty much had the melody and lyrics mapped out by the time I got home.

For the video, I had recently seen some great stuff online by Kieran Humphries of DogFood in the UK, and literally reached out and he was game to make something together. His pitch was all about kaleidoscope effects with a vintage and 90’s vibe. I tracked down Halifax-based videographer Tyler Simmonds on Instagram, and after one face-to-face, he agreed to film the live footage that’s mixed in. This project opened my eyes up to the power of the internet and how great of a tool it can be for the independent artist.

AMBY: Your EP is scheduled for release this Spring! How long has it been in the works for?

Tringa: I have been working on this for over a year. I write all of my music on piano but for the EP I heard them as electronic and pop, rather than purely singer-songwriter. I connected with Sydney Galbraith at Desert Fish Studios a few months ago, and I knew it was the right fit because he was able to translate the elaborate images in my head (as I write it’s like I’m directing a scene in a movie) into what you hear.

AMBY: Is there a working title for the EP as of yet? If so, what is it or can you give us any hints?

Tringa: The EP will be self-titled. “Tringa” sounds abstract and made-up enough! (Thanks mom & dad?)

AMBY: We follow one another on Instagram and we can’t help but notice how awesome your fashion sense is. Is fashion something that interests you? If so, how important is image to an artist like Tringa?

Tringa: It wasn’t until I moved to Toronto from the East Coast that I really discovered my look. My favourite artists, for some reason, are ones whose looks are so striking that you could dress up as them for Halloween. That’s definitely not an accident on their end. I think musicians are also story tellers – and visual storytellers at that. A great example of this is Allie X  (a fellow pop songstress originally from Toronto ) – who has cultivated a fascinating persona that is tied in to the colour and tone of her amazing music.

AMBY: Outside of music and fashion, what do you enjoy doing for fun?

Tringa: I have 13 nieces and nephews who I am so obsessed with and I wish I could spend more time with all of them. They’re in Nova Scotia and Switzerland. I’m also a major foodie, which is one of the many reasons I love this city.

AMBY: Lastly, what’s something about yourself that your fans don’t know yet?

Tringa: Thrilled to be celebrating Kosovo’s independence day as I write these answers! My family came to Canada as refugees when I was nine, and watching Canada’s response to the Syrian refugee crisis has been a beautiful thing this year. Also I am, at the very least, a board member of the Beygency ;)


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