Review: Cage the Elephant @ Rescue Rooms – Nottingham

Insane stage dives, crowd surfing, and an explosive onstage head banging display, Matt Shultz ensures that Cage the Elephant still carry that live flair.

Screaming “fuck you” to Valentine’s day, Shultz didn’t hold back, soaring over the crowd during second number ‘In One Ear’. Rolling into the mosh pit and shrieking into his mic “people talk shit, they can kiss the back of my hand”, screeching guitars sent the room bouncing as Shultz scrambled his way back on stage.

Crashing to his knees and locking heads with his band mates, the front man’s energy never seemed to falter. A mixed set list spanning the Kentucky rockers four records, blended the chaotic and saw Shultz shirt turn shades darker before he finally shed it for ‘Sabertooth Tiger’.

Tell Me I’m Pretty, Cage the Elephant’s latest offering, stood its own with ‘Mess Around’ backing vocals being shouted back towards stage, “oh no” and ‘Trouble’ allowing Shultz a much needed break from his stage diving antics.

‘Shake Me Down’ featured amongst a three song encore that was encouraged by the Rescue Rooms crowd eagerly shouting for more. “Got a bullet in your back run away from the beast”,’ Sabertooth Tiger’ turned the room frenzied once more, before Shultz clambered his way over the hands and shoulders of those squeezed down at the front to admire the view.


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Review by Jacob Flannery |

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