Review: Parkway Drive, Architects, and Thy Art Is Murder @ Vega – Copenhagen

AMBY recently went to cover Parkway Drive’s Ire Tour as it stopped by Copenhagen in Denmark. Follow along to read our review of what seemed like a rough thunderstorm passing through.

Aussie based group Parkway Drive just released their fifth album titled Ire and went on a trip around the globe to present the new music. As they reached the European leg of the tour, they decided to invite fellow Aussie band Thy Art Is Murder and the Brits from Architects along to share what became complete entertainment for metal fans.

First off to perform in Copenhagen was deathcore band Thy Art Is Murder. Their tough sound broke the wall of small talks and chats right away. The band has changed a bit with vocalist CJ leaving the band to go seek other challenges since AMBY brought an interview with the them a few months ago. They have reformed with new member Nick Arthur on vocal for the live shows since then. With a new member along, the dynamics in a band can’t help but change a bit, but Nick Arthur seemed to fit right in during the concert and the band served an interesting support.

To our luck, the evening continued on with two more bands to perform and after just a short break Architects was sure to take over and keep the great mood going. Vocalist Sam Carter impressed with his massive energy while jumping easily from one height of the stage to the other before curving down to scream all the words out, up close and right in your face.

While I was waiting for Parkway Drive’s turn to perform, I noticed a rather soft playlist in the background to set the mood for the audience. Especially one song got more attention than the rest as someone turned the volume way up for the sound of Queen. I was quite surprised to hear this kind of intro with a great contrast to Parkway Drive’s own metal tunes, and the peeps around me had some similar looks upon their faces. Still, it seemed like most had an urge to respect the song with a listen up pub mood and sing along spread fast across the audience. Shortly after the sound of Queen had faded out over the speakers, the background curtain dropped and revealed the members of Parkway Drive ready to hit the stage. Before the band had even played the first tune they knew exactly how to conquer that stage.

Parkway Drive are used to performing at grand music halls nowadays and have made sure to bring tons of pyro, sparks, and confetti to entertain the audience from front row to the very back of such venues on the Ire Tour. These gimmicks were unfortunately left out of the Copenhagen show. I guess the production has just been too much for the venue to handle as it is a relatively smaller venue. I heard rumours that the fire alarm did start during the performance in Oslo, Norway, right before the Copenhagen show. Instead, the audience got the great chance to watch Parkway Drive more close up during this concert.

The band also proved that they could do fine without the extra visual effects as they performed with such a great enthusiasm – they moved around all the time and filled out the stage as it had always been their own to use. As well as encouraging the audience to commit to the moment, have fun and get loose with them. It did seem like the audience had spared up some energy for the main act that day as every other second a person would seek the opportunity to go crowd surf, jump, headbang, or join in on one of the many circle pits taking place in the front. Turned out to be one of the most committed, fun seeking audience I have ever spend time with. Besides the good energy, the band shared a great live sound. The guitars went on with a top level playful style, followed up with a rough play from the rest of the band and strong vocals from Winston McCall.

The whole festivities went by like a thunderstorm that evening. All three bands performed with intense sets and enough entertainment to keep the audience jumping for the whole evening. Looking forward to see that another time.


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Review by Jules Faurschou | @rockonpoets

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