How the Party Started: EDM as You’ve Never Seen It

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) was worth a staggering $6.9 billion back in 2015, and despite many people’s doubts it doesn’t seem to be dropping away in a hurry. And if you look at any Ultra Festival or other commercial venture, you will see hundreds of thousands of people going crazy for incredibly famous DJs such as Avicii or Disclosure.


EDM however, is used loosely and is a blanket term for many different genres of music such as dubstep, electro, house and drum & base. is an interactive auxploration website that takes the user through history of electronic dance music, the present state of it and the future of EDM.


Navigating the site is incredibly easy. The first page will give you step by step instructions on how to use the site, and if you follow these it really is a walk in the park.

The first page has a mind map/idea map of the different genres such as house and dubstep, when clicked on they will expand into smaller sections of different artists and you can then listen to a preview of their music.


If you follow the little white arrow in the opened genre and you will be taken to a secondary page that will give you well researched and interesting information on the history and current state of the genre that you are in. The content is thorough and it is great to get an opportunity to read into the history of the different genres.

You can also use this arrow when you are looking at particular artists, which will once again redirect you to a secondary page, but this will show everything about them from their net worth to their favourite apps.

New Artists

Every genre comes with its own unique Spotify list, which allows users to listen to not just the most famous artists, but also little-known EDM artists that didn’t make the same waves. It’s all about the variety on the site and it gives users a great way to ‘auxplore’ and discover new music that they may simply never have come across.


Electronic Dance Music is a huge genre and one that will probably continue to grow in the years to come. has allowed a platform for users to visually see and experience their favourite EDM artists and to discover awesome new music that have never heard before.

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