Exclusive Interview: Ross Mitchell – “Detox”

Ross Mitchell is a brilliant solo musician from Scotland who has a talent for song writing as well as singing. The Falkirk-based singer is getting more talented every EP he releases. He is proving why he wants to be a solo musician. Currently Ross Mitchell has released three EP’s over the last two years, since he had the interest of becoming a musician. Ross released his new EP on March 4th 2016 and I decided to catch up with him for interview on new EP and capturing some photos for Graded Unit course work as well as produce review for AMBY.

AMBY: Firstly, why did you decide to become a solo musician?

Ross Mitchell: Music has always interested me since a young age. I’ve always been listening to music and following my favourite bands, going to gigs, buying records. When I was just about to leave primary school I decided to pick up a guitar and learn to play. Bands like AC/DC and Green Day were massive influences to me at that time. Angus Young and Billie Joe Armstrong really inspired me to keep learning to play.

AMBY: Where did the inspiration come to be a solo musician?

Ross: Due to my love for the rock n’ roll and pop-punk scene when I was younger, myself and a couple of mates hung out in high school at lunchtimes and just messed around with instruments. We didn’t have a singer so I was appointed as a makeshift frontman. When we got a bit older, we decided to try and get gigs at local venues, and expand from there. We had a few decent gigs even though we weren’t the best and my voice wasn’t up for the singer role. Upon leaving high school, we were split by distance caused by some of the guys moving to uni etc. I wanted to continue playing music so I picked up an acoustic and got stuck into the acoustic scene, really pushing to better my voice to suit the style.

AMBY: Who are you influences?

Ross: Ed Sheeran, Ben Howard, The 1975, Ben Howard, Damien Rice.

AMBY: When did you decide to start wanting to play gigs and where? Also how was the experience of your very first gig and as well supporting bands and getting your music out to the crowds, apart from your mates at school?

Ross: Started playing gigs with my old band, playing in small local venues and getting the experience of standing in the lights on stage. I remember coming off stage from my first gig and just counting down the days until I could relive it. As a solo artist, I’ve been lucky enough to play at venues such as King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, supporting acts such as Little Comets. To stand on stage in front of a sold out King Tut’s, opening for a band like Little Comets, feels a certain way that I can’t put into words.

AMBY: Starting to record your own music and writing lyrics… how’s the experience of doing that?

Ross: Challenging but enjoyable nonetheless. I think challenging yourself to write different kinds of music is important, it keeps the writing process interesting. But I enjoy recording music and being able to record in my room gives me a lot of time and freedom to expand and experiment on different ideas rather than being restricted by costly studio prices.

AMBY: Creating demos for upcoming EP’s and EP’s you’ve already released, how was the experience doing that?

Ross: Demos are a crucial part of the recording process in my opinion. It lets you lay ideas down and easily tweak things here and there before tracking the final session.

AMBY: How was the experience of your debut EP and second EP? Also where did the inspiration come from the music, lyrics, artwork for them?

Ross: I enjoyed both of them, especially my first, since it was my first experience of releasing music. Writing the music was a new challenge for me though. Not really sure how to describe the artwork, however. I gave the artist some ideas which I thought would compliment the music and they produced something which I was more than happy with.

AMBY: Are there any covers you enjoy playing?

Ross: Music mostly by The 1975, Nina Nisbett, One Direction, Biffy Clyro, Lewis Watson and many more.

AMBY: What can we except from your new EP ‘Detox’?

Ross: I’m not really sure, apart from hopefully people think it’s good as my previous Eps and I’m really looking forward to it, it took me long time to create it and overall happy with what I’ve achieved for this EP.

AMBY: How was your very first photo shoot as an artist in a professional environment?

Ross: Interesting, but I enjoyed it.

AMBY: How do you feel about playing bigger shows and festivals in future, even this year?

Ross No brainer – I would love to play bigger shows and festivals.

AMBY: What can we expect from ‘Ross Mitchell’ at gigs this year?

Ross: A bunch of new tunes and covers.

AMBY: Any plans for your debut album in the pipeline?

Ross I’d love to release an album but I suppose there’s a time for it. The time needs to be right and I don’t feel I’m there yet.

AMBY: Lastly, where do you want to aim yourself as solo musician and where can you see yourself in five years time?

Ross: Hopefully playing bigger shows and just playing music to people who enjoy it I suppose.


Follow updates from Ross Mitchell here. The Detox EP is now available via iTunes here.

Interview by Calum Buchan | @calum_buchan

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