Review: Cage the Elephant and Chrome Pony @ Vega – Copenhagen

US bands Cage The Elephant and Chrome Pony stopped by Denmark on the last night of this year’s European tour, and it was such a pleasure to watch King of The Beat and his alt rock dream team bring their musical magic to the kingdom of Denmark.

Some of the audience had already waited for hours outside the music hall to be the first in line to get in and watch Cage The Elephant as I arrived to the venue. They were jumping restlessly to get some warmth to their cold feet and there was a kind of nervous, but excited, touch to the chats we had about what to expect for the concert eve. They looked forward to finally hearing this music live and catching a glimpse of the massive energy Cage The Elephant is said to bring at their live performances. I had not watched the band perform live before either, but felt pretty comfortable to say this event would be something worth the long wait in the cold.

First on stage to perform that evening was Chrome Pony. I had recently become acquainted with the music from their new EP “Past Lives” and the dynamic song “Ragged Child” just got stuck on my head since then. I knew this was something I had to share on AMBY and wrote a You’ve GOT to Hear This piece on them. The audience certainly seemed to appreciate their performance as they brought generous cheers and headbanging throughout the set. I too was quite pleased to hear a set of catchy songs served with a solid live play and watch the band fill the stage with a charismatic energy.

While the evening was running a bit behind schedule and the production team were teasing with ongoing alternative rock hits over the speakers in the break between the acts, the crowd were keeping the good concert feeling going and started to sing along from the top of their lungs to “Fell In Love With A Girl” from The White Stripes.

Cage The Elephant appeared on stage shortly after to show the audience that the evening might be great, and it had only just started. The band kicked off with the jump provoking songs “Cry Baby” and “In One Ear” while lead vocalist Matt Shultz (also known as King of The Beats) showed off his magic moves. He danced, head-banged, and jumped footloose around the stage while singing with a dragging deep immersion to the lyrics. The audience got so excited that they jumped like one obsessed unit right away and even the barricade in front of the pit sometime looked like it was about to tip over any given second. Matt surprised the joyful crowd with his first stage dive about 10 minutes into the concert, and the good times rolled on right there and then.

I noticed that the band performed mostly under uncolored spotlights and a cleared out stage that night. No decorative stuff or other special made gimmicks had been put out. They didn’t need that either. Their full blast energy and sound were just right to keep the entertainment going. The alt-rock dream team shared a blooming live sound and carried on with one captivating track after the other during the complete performance. I was all over impressed to have a listen to this winning play besides the lively moves around the stage. Brad Shultz on guitar also proved a playful surplus as he teased with a “Sweet Home Alabama”-ish start at the encore, before carry on playing the song “Cigarette Daydreams” from their latest album “Tell Me I’m Pretty”. It was one of the calm songs where the audience could rest their feet for a bit and instead joined in with some passionate sing along again.

The band ended the concert on the top with a tough play of “Sabertooth Tiger” and Matt having a last bold jump into the crowd from a balcony. He also stopped by a guitar left on the stage floor and spontaneously decided to put out the music for now with a quick attempt to play the guitar with his bare feet. I think this great sight will stick with me till next time.


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Review and Photos by Jules Faurschou | @rockonpoets

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