Exclusive Interview + Photos: Meet Edinburgh rock foursome Bellarose


Bellarose are upcoming band made up of 4 members who are best mates and currently studying at high school. Bellarose are an Edinburgh-based band who formed in January 2016 with members Aaron McCall, Carron Miller, Kieran Fergusson, and Jack Gilchrist. The group haven’t released any music yet but are in the process of creating it in a live studio. The band performed their debut gig at The Mash House on February 19th 2016, headlined the gig and received a lot of praise and recognition from the gig, and have since then been lined up for a second gig at Cabaret Voltaire in Edinburgh on April 30th 2016. Bellarose will release their debut EP later in the year and it going wicked so keep your eyes peeled on them. Tickets for the show on the 30th supporting Whitehill Grove along with Røme are available here.

AMBY: Firstly, why did you decide to come together and become a band?

Bellarose: We all knew each other to begin with, apart from Jack and Aaron. Carron basically decided to ask people if they wanted to be in a band. We eventually managed to get Kieran to join the band then eventually Aaron and Jack. It was a rough start with Jack not being able to join for the first five months…

AMBY: Where did the inspiration and the idea come from for who ‘Bellarose’ are and where did the name come from?

Bellarose: We all share the similar music taste, meaning it was easily agreed to be a rock band. The name was found when Kieran and Carron were sitting in their study period at school (working very hard of course…) and came across the French surname Bellerose whilst googling random crap. It soon then turned into Bellarose and stuck as the band name.

AMBY: Who are you main influences as band?

Bellarose: We take main inspiration from the likes of Biffy Clyro, Foo Fighters, and The Strokes. Dave Grohl from (Foo Fighters and Nirvana) is especially for Jack.

AMBY: When did you start playing gigs and where? How was the your very first gig and the experience? Also, how is it supporting bands and getting your music out there to crowds, apart from your mates at school?

Bellarose: We practice at this thing called the Friday Night Music Project, as space for young bands to practice and perform. So our first performance was there (excluding Jack who “working”). Our first proper gig was headlining ‘The Mash House’ in Edinburgh very recently was amazing. It was great getting our music heard and we loved it. It’s also boosted our following quite a bit as well and has brought up the chance for us to record our debut EP, after being approached by sound engineers. We are also excited to be playing future gigs in coming months as well.

AMBY: Starting to record your own music and writing lyrics… how’s the experience of doing that?

Bellarose: We can’t wait to record our debut EP, we’re constantly writing lyrics and it’s great. Lyrics are the harder part for us, normally Kieran takes on that role… as he’s got the best lyrics.

AMBY: Creating demos for upcoming EPs, how you enjoying the experience of becoming a band?

Bellarose: So far we’ve recorded nothing major, but a friend of ours has got us up to his home studio and recorded a quick stage track demo for us. He’s still currently mixing it, but we can’t wait to release it when it’s done!

AMBY: What’s your dream cover to play and have you played any covers at gigs so far, how do feel about performing them, even to yourselves?

Bellarose: We all like the same music so there’s no dream cover we have to play, but the covers we do play were great to play in front of a crowd. It was great show to show off your own version of it, but we tend to focus on writing our own stuff, there’s nothing we want more than to get it heard.

AMBY: What can us as listeners expect from your debut EP? What’s the inspiration behind it and how do you feel about it? What’s the artwork for EP going to look like and what’s the inspiration for the lyrics?

Bellarose: Can’t wait to begin the recording process! Hopefully it will be soon, once we have some money behind us [laughs]. But yea, lots of variety, songs we’re really proud of and can’t wait to share. For the album artwork… No idea! Still needing to work out where and when we’re going be recording before that.

AMBY: What can us as listeners expect from your debut single off your debut EP?

Bellarose: TUNNNE.

AMBY: How was your very first photoshoot as a band in a professional studio environment?

Bellarose: Our first photo shoot was great – cheers Calum! It was fun, such a chilled environment room, made it very enjoyable. Can’t wait to see the final products!

AMBY: How do you feel about playing bigger shows and festivals in future, even this year?

Bellarose: Can’t wait! We’d love to play some bigger shows, in the meantime we’re keeping our eyes peeled for any opportunity. Getting some bigger shows would be amazing though.

AMBY: What can we expect from ‘Bellarose’ at gigs this year?

Bellarose: Many to come, going to be getting bigger, better, louder. Be there.  – please!

AMBY: Any plans for your debut album in the pipeline?

Bellarose: An album would be insane, but let’s focus on the EP first [laughs].

AMBY: Lastly, where do you want to aim yourselves as band and where can you see yourselves in five years’ time?

Bellarose: We all want to have a career in music in some way or another, playing in the band is the dream though. We’d love to have an album our, touring in some way trying to live the dream. Will need to get through university and all that first though! [laughs]




Interview and Photos by Calum Buchan | @calum_buchan

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