Exclusive Interview + Photos: AMBY goes behind the scenes with Nashville rock n’ rollers Chrome Pony in Copenhagen

Nashville-based band Chrome Pony are now back in the States after supporting Cage The Elephant on a European tour. AMBY had the pleasure of spending some time with the group as they stopped by Denmark for the last show on the tour. We followed along during push-ups and beer talk in the dressing room before they went on stage, and found some spare time for an interview with lead vocals and guitarist Tyler Davis. Join in as we talk about their interesting band name, fresh release, hanging out with their buddies in Cage The Elephant, and vinyl shopping on tour.

AMBY: Nice to meet you. Thanks for spending some time with us!

Tyler: Nice to meet you, too. Thank you.

AMBY: So AMBY recently shared a piece about your song Ragged Child and the new EP Past Lives. Today we would like to give you some questions and get to know you better. First off, why did you choose the name Chrome Pony for the band?

Tyler: That kind of came up before we even had the whole band. It was just a name our key player Ric came up with even before he joined the band. Then we just started using it and three years later he joined the band [laughs].

AMBY: Ah yea. So where did he get it from then?

Tyler: Oh, it was a lyric from a Bob Dylan song, talking about riding the town on a chrome horse and then we named it Chrome Pony. I don’t think we ever intended to name us Chrome Pony, but we did.

AMBY: Well, it was interesting enough to get you questioning: “Why this name?”.

Tyler: Exactly. I know. It is difficult though if you go Google search the name and try to find pictures of us on the internet, because you are going to find like photos of chrome ponies or motorcycles [laughs].

AMBY: So we will find your photos hidden with motorcycles and figurines. Then how long have you guys played together?

Tyler: Going on a little over two years.

AMBY: I know that Kyle and you are brothers. Did you start off and then the two others joined in?

Tyler: Yea. We actually started it like four or five years ago. Then we tried with different people in the band and in the last two years it actually turned into what we hoped it to be. So, we like to see ourselves as something that started in the last couple of years. We became a new band.

AMBY: Who is in charge with getting the music and lyrics done now?

Tyler: I write most of the lyrics. The ”Past Lives” stuff is actually based on older songs that Kyle and I started writing with just guitar and drums, but they got filled up with bass and keys as Jota and Ric joined. All the new stuff then is everybody’s writing. Everybody is bringing in little bits and pieces. It is much more inclusive things. Which is good, well we never wanted it to be like ”Brothers: Kyle & Tyler”. We are not trying to do that. We are just like, we want to be in a band [laughs].

AMBY: Nice. When using guitar and drums only you get to think of certain other bands, but that was not a style you wanted to go after?

Tyler: No it wasn’t. In like two more years we might have six people in our band [laughs]. Or whatever the record calls for, whatever the songs call for, we will just adapt to that probably. Background singers, dancers and such. Saxophone players.

AMBY: Alright, might be a space for others. So where did you find inspiration for the songs on the EP?

Tyler: A lot of them is from touring around and just life. You know, from working shitty jobs and being broke all the time. Being on the road and being weirdos. Like the songs ”White Witch” and ”Road Dope” are about a tow truck driver we met one time on the road and tow us around [laughs].

AMBY: [laughs] Okay, so based on some true stories.

Tyler: Yea, I would say based on true stories. Hopefully written in a way that is interesting.

AMBY:  Sure, they are. Then what is your favorite quote from your own lyrics?

Tyler: Uh, let me think about that one.

AMBY: I know, tough question.

Tyler: Yea, that is a tough question. I will say… Wait, let me think a bit. I really like our song ”White Witch” whenever it says: ”I was born to tell the world: Get off your knees, and go in peace, and all you kids, forget your sins, cause the real light is a mighty light, it’s not back lit by a dollar sign.”

AMBY: Why this one?

Tyler: I think it is true. I personally think it is a positive message to send out to the world. You know, to not let the past hold on to your sins and whatever holds you down. Move forward with a peaceful mind and peaceful soul.

AMBY:  Yea, life goes on. So, you are also on tour with Cage The Elephant as we meet today. What have been the most fun tour memories on this round?

Tyler: There have been a lot of fun times. I can’t think of one that sticks out. Just the whole experience. Just the crowd and get to play for all these people every night has been awesome. Some of the biggest and most fun shows we have ever played. And being on the road with these dudes. They are all good friends. Hang out with your buddies. Get to see a new country.

AMBY: That’s nice. Which things have you collected on the tour when having some time for shopping?

Tyler: I bought one John Lennon 7” in Newcastle, yep. That is all I got. Otherwise it has just been coffee [laughs].

AMBY: That is good though. Which things did you need to bring along for entertainment on the long travels between countries?

Tyler: We brought cameras and have listened to music. I also brought a book, but I haven’t read a single page in it since I have been here. I brought it thinking that might be entertaining, but it didn’t catch my attention [laughs].

AMBY: [laughs] Lastly, what are the Top 3 things to look forward to in 2016?

Tyler: 1. Record a new record, 2. Touring the states more, and 3. Hopefully get back over here in Europe. Getting back to UK and Europe. See more of that. It has been a lot of fun and everybody has been really nice. We have had a lot of people asking about when we will be back, so hopefully that results in us getting back.

AMBY: That would be nice. You did seem to be quite popular among the audience and there was one new fan in the crowd tonight that poked me and asked for your setlist. Oh, and of course I gave one to him.. So there you go..

Tyler: Yea, that is a good thing and nice you gave it.

AMBY: Sure, it was nice to see. So well, that was my questions for this time. Thanks for the talk.


Thank you Chrome Pony, for giving us your answers!

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Interviews and Photo by Jules Faurschou | @rockonpoets

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