Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Jordan Klassen

Jordan Klassen
Canadian folk musician Jordan Klassen has just released the record Javelin and spends time on the road these days. AMBY met the Vancouver based artist for a walk through the cold streets of Copenhagen and sat down for a short chat, before his performance in the Danish capital. Read along as we talk new album and tour essentials.

AMBY: Let’s begin with the questions. You have a new album named Javelin. I have been wondering a bit about the word Javelin. Why did you go for this title?

Jordan: Well, it comes from one of the songs with lyrics about experiencing love like a javelin in the chest. I think the album is generally about remembering your past and maybe seeing it differently in higher sight. I feel that when you are in something it can have like a sharp put, heavy and kind of unclear. As with higher sight and when I was writing these songs, I was seeing things more clearly. Pinning memories against the wall and seeing them for what they really are.

AMBY: What have been some other inspirations for the lyrics and sound on the album?

Jordan: I turned thirty this year, so I have been thinking about the last ten years and tried to see them with a more mature lens. That was the main inspiration. Then musically I have always loved like 90’s new age music and more ethereal weird stuff from the 80’s and 90’s. Like Cocteau Twins. Enya is also something I really liked while growing up. I felt like doing something like that. Something that is ambient and ethereal, but it should still be fun to play live and be punchy.

AMBY: That is interesting. Then, what is your favourite quote from your own work lately?

Jordan: Hmm.. I think it comes from one of the songs I wrote about six month or a year after my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. One of the lines is: “I have seen you take the poison, watched the hair fall from your brown, and I know that forever feels a lot like here and now.” I feel like that is a good, clear description of what it felt like and the idea that things are never going to end, when you are in chemo therapy.. So, that might be heavy, but I am pretty proud about these lyrics.

AMBY: Those are good lyrics, yea. So you are also touring now. Which essential things do you bring along on tour?

Jordan: Aha, good question. So, I always bring ear plugs. I always find that I am in a situation, where I am trying to sleep and there is just someone snoring somewhere close to me.. Ehm, and I usually bring some running shoes. I always plan to going for runs every day on tour, but I never actually do it. So it just kind of sits in my bag.

AMBY and Jordan: [laughs]

Jordan: At the beginning of a tour I usually buy some bottles of scotch, because I like that a lot and you can get some good stuff in Europe. Getting a little nightcap once in a while. Yea, those things.

AMBY: Those are some practical things. Lastly, what are some things to look forward to in 2016?

Jordan: In the summer we will be touring a lot again with some really cool shows. I also produce a lot in Vancouver so we got some production gigs coming up there and I am going to continue building my studio.


Thank you Jordan Klassen, for giving us your answers!

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Interviews and Photo by Jules Faurschou | @rockonpoets

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