Exclusive Interview + Photos: Meet Kirkcaldy indie-rock foursome Lost In Vancouver

Lost In Vancouver
are four piece indie-rock band from Kirkcaldy in Fife. The band are well known band in Fife and now starting to get their name out there as they’re also making a big impression in Edinburgh and Glasgow now playing a number of gigs each month in front of fans. The band are now based in Edinburgh. Lost in Vancouver formed a couple of years ago, consisting of band members Jake Morgan, Tom Lawrence, Connor McKay, and Brandon Sherrett. The band have released a number of singles over the past year including, ‘Juliet’, ‘Kate’, and ‘Romeo’. The band are recording new music as we speak and are releasing a new EP in June, as well as hoping to release several other EPs later in the year. Lost in Vancouver will support their upcoming EP with a launch gig in Edinburgh on June 4th 2016.

AMBY: Firstly, why did you decide to become a band and when?

LOST IN VANCOUVER: We became a band because all of us love music and all of us love playing as a band. Each of us recently all came out of bands and were looking to start up something new. It originally started with Jake and Brandon being in a band called ‘Backtrack’ ages ago. The band practiced a lot at Kirkcaldy YMCA in which Connor started also practicing with us, and we have known Connor for majority of our lives. Our drummer was the drummer to the band Jake had before Lost In Vancouver. James Ballingal, an all-round great drummer, but different aspirations to us so upon his departure we met Tom through Jake’s college course, which was Hazaar! We were created and became Lost In Vancouver.

AMBY: Where did the inspiration and the idea come from for who ‘Lost In Vancouver’ are and where did the name come from?

LOST IN VANCOUVER: We have a lot of bands we like to look for inspiration and we mean a lot. We never really had a style or anything such for a while but managed to get into the black theme like most of the bands we really love. There’s something simplistically and aesthetically please about just black and white. The name ‘Lost In Vancouver’ came from a rather anticlimactic conversation actually, we were looking for ideas for a band name, and we had liked the idea of ‘Vancouver’, but unfortunately due to Facebook’s Page Policy, meant we couldn’t name the band after a major city. So we brainstormed for ‘pre-fixes’ to our name and “Lost in” just fit.

AMBY: Who are your influences as a band?

LOST IN VANCOUVER: As a band there are so many little parts we all put into songs that are influenced by someone else, we have our main influences like Catfish and The Bottlemen and King Of Leon ect. But we also sometimes like riffs of a chord progression will come from some people wouldn’t hear like Jeff Buckley, Led Zepellin. We have so many which could end up like a book.

AMBY: When did you start playing gigs and where? How was the your very first gig and the experience? Also how is it supporting bands and getting your music out there to crowds, apart from your mates from school, college, university, work, ect?

LOST IN VANCOUVER: We started playing gigs as soon as we had enough songs nailed to play a set, we were all so eager to get on stage and show people the fire we had created, and to us, it was straight fire. Our first gig was at PJ Molly’s, a larger Dunfermline bar to the music scene so we started off well. However our gig fell onto a Thursday so we played to about four guys and a wife and the sound man really, but regardless it was still incredible.

AMBY: Starting to record your own music and writing lyrics…. how’s that been?

LOST IN VANCOUVER: Recording has always been a delicate process in most cases and even sometime a tedious one, but when it comes to recording and even song writing it becomes special almost we love recording and we love writing, for the simple fact is we get to create our very best and have a laugh doing so.

AMBY: Creating demos and singles for upcoming EP’s, how are you enjoying the experience of doing that since becoming a band?

LOST IN VANCOUVER: That has become a little overwhelming we must say, we were all just kind of used to play gigs and record a single every six months, but his new pace entirely. A single every few months and an EP deadline set before we had finished so the race is on.

AMBY: What’s your dream cover to play as a band? Have you ever played any covers at gigs you’ve played so far in your career as band?

LOST IN VANCOUVER: We all have our own choices for sure. We have played a house party once which Jake covered an Oasis classic to a room of happy go lucky drinkers, he covered “Maybe Tomorrow” by Stereophonics and he had help from Brandon and Connor in the chorus as well.

AMBY: What can we expect from your upcoming EP? What’s the inspiration behind the EP, how do you feel about it? What’s the artwork for the EP going to look like and what’s inspiration for the lyrics?

LOST IN VANCOUVER: We don’t know what to expect, what this can unlock for us or if this the drive we need to start kicking major ass but regardless we’re excited and proud of it. We tried to keep the EP original as possible so there a few subtle influences but we tried to keep it as “us” as possible. The artwork is an indie band makes their artwork, simplistically edge with a few shady undertones.

AMBY: How’s was the experience of releasing your debut single and what was the reaction from the crowds?

LOST IN VANCOUVER: We were hesitant on how it would actually do, I think we doubted how well the song was or how many people actually liked us because that hit a lot more than we though.

AMBY: How was your very first photo shoot as a band in a professional studio photography environment, apart from mini shoots you’ve already had in your career?

LOST IN VANCOUVER: It was amazing, the serious part where you could pose and feel like any other major band out their posting for a festival poster was incredible. And goofing around in the way we did was even better.

AMBY: How do you feel about playing bigger shows and festivals in future, even this year?

LOST IN VANCOUVER: We’re excited more than ever really , we just want to keep playing to everyone, the more we play the better in fact, so it’s going to be fun a year let’s put it that way.

AMBY: What can we except from ‘Lost In Vancouver’ at gigs this year?

LOST IN VANCOUVER: Anarchy and Climax.

AMBY: Any plans for your debut album in the pipeline?

LOST IN VANCOUVER: We haven’t touched upon that yet, as we had said that we would release two or three EP’s first.

AMBY: Lastly, where do you want to aim yourselves as a band and where can you see yourselves in five years’ time?

LOST IN VANCOUVER: As a band we would love to be on the main stage at T IN THE PARK, or Glastonbury, but all bands have their own aspirations. As a band in long run, continuing releasing EP’s and gigging hard to good crowds, that’ll be more than enough for us.


Lost In Vancouver



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Interview and Photos by Calum Buchan | @calum_buchan

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