Review: Lukas Graham @ The Velvet Underground – Toronto

Lukas Graham
If you haven’t heard of the name Lukas Graham yet, you are bound to hear it soon! The Danish, R&B/ pop musicians, Lukas Graham are the voice behind the emotional coming of age song, 7 years, which is quickly climbing the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Unlike the name suggests, Lukas Graham, encompasses four members:  lead singer, Lukas Graham Forchhammer, drummer, Mark Falgren, bassist Magnus Larsson and keyboardist Kasper Daugaard.

Lukas Graham’s self title album (released only on April 1, 2016) shares stories of personal development, learning new things, family, love,   and the loss of Graham’s father (which shapes the majority of the album) These stories translate beautifully into written songs, as well as an amazing performance.

Performing to a sold-out show at The Velvet Underground last Monday night, Lukas Graham put on a dynamic show for a lively Toronto crowd.

The band choose to open up with a more serious song titled, Better Than Yourself, which was written about Grahams’s friend that got sent to jail. The mood later switched to a more upbeat and light feeling when Drunk in the Morning, a song written about drunken booty calls came on.

Even though the album came out April 1st,  the crowd knew every lyric to each song and sang along. This caused Graham to endearingly say to the crowd, “is there any song you dont know?!” He even stated “this is the first show the audience reacts the way they do at home.”

Graham’s voice and stage presence possess a style of effortlessness. With the increasing popularity of the band, the demand for tickets and larger venues has too. However, Lukas Graham said no to any upgrades, and decided to tour and perform more intimately to smaller venues.

The night ended by the band raising a toast to the audience and closing with the smash hit, 7 years, as well as Happy Home.


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Review by Sarah Brown | @SarahBrown03

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