Will Madonna’s emotional custody battle inspire a new album from the star?

Another day and another celebrity locked in a bitter child custody battle. This time it’s Madonna.

The singer-songwriter flew to the UK to try earlier this month to try and settle the custody of her estranged son Rocco. 15-year-old Rocco has been living with his father, Guy Ritchie, much to Madonna’s dismay. The teenager walked out of his mother’s Rebel Heart tour shortly before Christmas, and it was anything but the season of goodwill.

Although Rocco was enjoying his Easter-break in the Maldives upon his mother’s arrival to the UK, the pair have since reunited. Both were seen smiling following a cosy trip to the cinema as they tried to rebuild their relationship. It seems that Rocco spent the night at his mother’s home and left the next morning.

There are definitely worse places to build bridges in than Madonna’s swanky London property. The American singer’s Georgian townhouse boasts 10 bedrooms and was bought for an estimated £6million. The mansion is typically glamourous of what you’d expect a celebrity to take residence in. A property rescue guide to celebrity homes of the rich allows you to delve into the world of mansions, pools, theatres and even private saunas.

Madonna may have patched things up with Rocco but will the feud have inspired a new album from the star?

It is not uncommon for singers to release albums highly influenced by their personal emotional turmoil. Adele has been deemed the “break-up song queen” and apologized for being so honest in her lyrics regarding a previous relationship.

An unnamed ex inspired the global superstar’s debut 19 album. Adele vowed not to make the same mistake again and in her new album 25, has even sung about motherhood. But will Madonna follow suit?

The American singer released Rebel Heart last year and it was her worst selling release for 20 years. Despite this, it has been dubbed her “least desperate” album in years, and the prevalent upbeat rave rhythm boasts the album with bright energy.

March marked the end of her Rebel Heart tour so she can now pour her energy into reuniting with her son, and use the experience to produce an exhilarating album that parents from all walks of life will be able to relate. And one that will certainly evoke a positive reaction from her adoring fans.

Madonna wouldn’t be the first to pen a song about her child, a number of singers, ranging from Beyonce to Stevie Wonder have composed tracks about their bundles of joy.

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