Getting Cozy With: Meet FVK in our exclusive photo documentary!

The alternative rock band FVK has recently been on a headline tour across Europe, and AMBY made sure to catch up with them as they stopped by Copenhagen in Denmark. We asked to follow around for a short photo documentary on their tour life and was happy to soak up all the fun off stage and a strong performance at the end of the day.

When having a look on some of their former shows I got a feeling that the UK band also known as Fearless Vampire Killers has a pretty dedicated fanbase, and that was quickly confirmed as I arrived to the Copenhagen venue BETA before their show there. The first fans sat outside the entrance early on in the afternoon. When I asked how long they had been waiting there exactly, they let me know that they already got there about 8AM to be first in the line. The concert started at about 11PM, so that is nothing less than a 15 hours supporting wait at the venue. Another loyal fan was said to have traveled from the UK and showed off a set of various FVK logos tattooed all the way down her arm. I feel confident enough to say we got some decent nominations for best fans right there. The guys were kind to let me hang out with them the entire evening and I do get why the fans praise these friendly fellas. There were plenty of fun moments to capture with my camera which included a soundcheck performance for the first peeps in line, a late night sightseeing to have a look on The Little Mermaid in the dark, being locked out of the crew entrance with most of the band for a short time, before getting back in and into the right concert mode with a bit of Jack Daniels and smokey eyes. As well as reaching a strong sound and lively energy during the concert, and chatting with an excited audience in the merch area after the show. Never a dull moment with FVK. Follow along to view the photo documentary below.



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Review and Photos by Jules Faurschou | @rockonpoets

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