Exclusive Video Tour Diary: Life on the road with Modern Space, Part 1

Modern Space
It feels like AMBY goes way back with Toronto rock group Modern Space. Although a relatively new band, we had the pleasure of being their first-ever video interview last summer when they opened for The Vaccines at The Opera House. Today we’re pleased to host some exclusive tour videos from the band.

In previous interviews, artists have told us that life on the road can be fun, tiring, and put you into a bizarre state of loopiness which leads to some hilarious stir crazy moments. After watching these clips, it seems no different for Modern Space.

To learn more about the tour, AMBY spoke with Modern Space’s lead vocalist Sean Watson Graham. Enjoy their goofy, behind-the-scenes videos and follow updates from the band below.


Tour Video 1

First day of the tour was in Sudbury at the town house. It took us nearly forever to get out of Toronto because the van company forgot to put snow tires on but since it was day one, we were all in great spirits and joking around a lot because of how excited we all were. If you are driving around in a packed van, the short gas station visits are really the only time to have a little fun!

Tour Video 2

After a couple days in Sudbury we packed up the van early in the morning and headed out to Sault Ste Marie. As a treat we got to stop by at my Dad’s friends Pick’s cottage and grab some beers before the show. Picks father was a hunter and Alex was the only one who could get the animal horn to actually make some noise. The walk along the cottage road was so beautiful that we decided to shoot a little acoustic video of us playing It’s Only a Dream.

Tour Video 3

Alex liked to dance with the devil and got too close to a real Modern Space in his natural habitat – I still think he’s recovering. The album had come out that day, lucky for us, we drove a solid 8 hours then played in Thunder Bay. Was a great night! There was one girl in the crowd that actually knew almost all the words to the album.


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