Review: Florence and the Machine and Of Monsters and Men @ Molson Canadian Amphitheatre – Toronto

I am someone who has a really bad memory, I think that’s the reason I got interested in photography. It lets me record moments in time that I tend to forget. Along with photography being a useful tool for remembering, at the same time it also takes you out of the moment. You are so focused on recording the moment, you forget to actually live it. I had forgotten how to be present.

During the middle of her set, Florence asked the audience to put down their phones and connect with one another. I did as I was told, as did everyone in the crowd and I can say it was such a great moment because I finally became present, I was in the moment rather than worrying about the future or contemplating the past. Everything became heightened, my sight and my hearing.

These are moments I remember from the Florence and the Machine concert from the illegible scribbles I wrote on my hand which took me 2 days to wash off.

Florence Hand

While singing Various Storms as Saints, (a really personal song for her) Florence tells the crowd that “I can’t listen to this myself but I will sing it for all of you.” This song was a letter to herself on how to get over something and inspired by a letter Frida Kahlo wrote to someone about heartbreak (Source: UMusicMexico). She had the whole crowd mesmerized at the sold out show at Canadian Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto with Of Monsters and Men supporting.

Florence described her latest album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful as basically the the same as Lungs but less shouty.

She tells the crowd to travel and fall in love with everything and everyone. She says that “The world needs your love! There is so much love and hope here tonight, make sure to take it out there.”

I remember overhearing a couple discussing her performance and the girlfriend telling her boyfriend that Florence dances the way you dance when your alone in your bedroom, so full of freedom.

An old couple in front of me started slow dancing during You’ve Got the Love and it was the sweetest thing ever!


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Photos by Mashal Khan | @mmmmashy

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