Exclusive Video Tour Diary: Life on the road with Modern Space, Part 2

Modern Space
On Tuesday, AMBY introduced our viewers to a four-part segment we’re running with our friends in indie-rock band Modern Space. The segment is a charming documentary of their recent tour which takes fan behind the scenes into the fun moments which happen on the road.

Alike last time, to learn more about the tour, AMBY spoke with Modern Space’s lead vocalist Sean Watson Graham. Enjoy their goofy videos as we take a look at their hotel room, long van rides, and drunk rants and follow updates from the band below.


Tour Video 4

Getting to the hotel super late then waking up super early and still looking great lol. We all watched a lot of Donald Trump videos and I think they were starting to get to Sam’s head. There is a small clip of us singing along in the hotel. When it’s super cold outside there isn’t much to do in the Saskatoon, so Sam, Cody, Luke and I split a bottle of Vodka and just took it easy that day in the hotel. 

Tour Videos 5

After what seemed like the longest drive in history we were finally in Regina. Since we had all our posters and stickers in a cardboard box unclosed, all it took was a little push from fate and they spilled all over the road. It was so windy that as soon as they were outside all of them blew everywhere. Not mention there was so much slush about half of them were unusable after. 

Tour Video 6

The amount of excited everyone in the band felt as we pulled up to the Flames Central door was enormous. We had to wait for the Arkells to finish sound check, so as we waited Alex and I played a fun game of WHAT WOULD YOU DO FOR A KLONDIKE BAR. Kids don’t try the game at home without adult supervision. After driving across the country playing to practically no one, then having one thousand people standing right in front of you, all of us were motivated to turn people who had no idea who we were into fans. My drunk rant at the end kinda explains that! 


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