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Hollis Brown
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For AMBY readers who have not yet heard of Hollis Brown, now is your time to listen to this fun, folk, rock band as their popularity rises. Hollis Brown, composed of Mike Montali, Jonathan Bonilla, Andrew Zehnal, Adam Bock, and Scott Thompson are a laid back, creative, and dedicated band. Hollis Brown formed just six years ago in New York, inspired by their love for Bob Dylan and characterized by a sound that is timeless with its lack of overproduction and loyalty to a classic rock sound. To learn more about Hollis Brown read our exclusive interview, listed below from Michael Montali. You can listen to their album “3 Shots” and most recent Record Store Day release “Cluster Of Pearls” and if you’re around, check them out on their upcoming tour dates!

AMBY: How did you meet and begin making music together?

Hollis Brown: Jon and I met in high school in Queens. We started writing songs a few years later and started sneaking into places to play and see bands. The rest of the guys we met through friends, and friends of friends, and friends of friends friends. We are very friendly :)

AMBY: What era or genre of music do you think is most influential to your style, or was a part in developing your own personal tastes in music?

Hollis Brown: I think that’s different for everyone of us individually, which is what gives us a unique sound. We all love the blues, and R&B, as well as folk and really great songwriting. We are really rooted in American Roots.

AMBY: What is your favorite part about NYC?

Hollis Brown: I like that I can get anything I want at any time of the night or any day. I also like that any night of the week you can find something amazing to do that you have never done before

AMBY: What is the first feeling you get when you step out onto a stage?

Hollis Brown: Don’t fuck up. Joking. I don’t know, It’s always so different. I always want to just leave it all on the stage and give the people watching their moneys worth and then some

AMBY: What is one thing you could not live without on tour?

Hollis Brown: I’m not too attached to things or needy in that way. I would say music for sure, just listening to or bonding over a certain bands while driving. Or my phone, it connects me to home and my wife and dog, can keep in touch with my family. Underwear also.  So three things I would need!


Thank you Hollis Brown, for giving us your answers!

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The band just performed a massive set at Firefly on June 16th, will play a NYC cruise for Rocks Off on June 29, and will be touring the Midwest, with all dates listed below:

7/4 – US National Whitewater Center – Charlotte, NC

7/14 – Jams on the Sand – Asbury Park, NJ (FREE)

7/19 – Ace of Cups – Columbus, OH

7/20 – The Grog Shop – Cleveland, OH

7/21 – Beat Kitchen – Chicago, IL

7/22 – The New Vintage – Louisville, KY

8/25 – 90.5’s Songwriters on the Beach Series – Belmar, NJ (FREE)

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