Review + Photos: Iron Maiden, Ghost, and The Raven Age @ Jyske Bank Boxen – Herning

Iron Maiden

AMBY was pleased to watch long-lasting band Iron Maiden perform in Denmark recently with strong support from both Ghost and The Raven Age. Follow along right here to read more about the highly entertaining event and have a look on a bunch of fierce live photos.

You know that you are going to a great show when the first fans arrive to a city days before a specific concert and travel from long distances. I had arrived on the day before the concert when I spotted some classic Iron Maiden t-shirts around me. I was impressed when I found out that an American couple had chosen to travel across Europe to watch several shows with Iron Maiden and had just arrived to Denmark to catch the show here as well. They turned out to not only be fans traveling from such long distances, as I also noticed flags from several other countries when the show started.

Iron Maiden arrived on stage to massive cheers from the audience as expected, and they served some tough tunes right away. It seemed like the band had brought a Mayan temple site along with them as they were surrounded by ancient-looking platforms and lianas hanging down from the ceiling. The six members of the band jumped around on this impressive site during the complete concert and even had some spare energy to fight off a few monsters too. Without handing out spoilers here, I can tell that the band made a great use of costumes, items, and figures that fit well visually with the heavy music. I almost can’t believe that this is a band going on strong since 1975, as they jump higher and with more energy than most bands with youngsters. It is definitely worth for you to have a look on their tour schedule and see if they will perform at a city near you.

The Swedish band Ghost had joined Iron Maiden for some of the shows on the recent tour and did not disappoint either as the support performance that evening. Papa Emeritus III appeared with one of his signature looks in a black suit and the fierce skull-like face paint. He moved around in the front of the stage with slow and theatrical poses. The group of Nameless Ghouls kept the mystery going with their heavy silver masks on and only moved to the right commands of Papa Emeritus III. The performance was just as interesting visually and musically.

It is also worth taken notice of the UK band The Raven Age that went on as the first support for Iron Maiden at this event. The guys presented a fine sound, moved around with plenty of energy on the edge of the stage and showed off a dedicated spirit towards the performance.


Iron Maiden


The Raven Age


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Review and Photos by Jules Faurschou | @rockonpoets

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