Review + Photos: The Temper Trap @ The Phoenix – Toronto

The Temper Trap

The Temper Trap haven’t played in Toronto since their show at the Mod Club during the summer of 2014, while their last album – self-titled and containing the great “Trembling Hands” – was released in 2012. Surprisingly, their show at The Phoenix on September 30th didn’t sell out; scalpers were in full swing and tickets were available at the door. The venue was half-full for the openers, Coast Modern, America’s Newest Band. Tracks “Animals” and “Hollow Life” were favourites, thanks to catchy hooks combined with an exuberant stage presence.

Between sets, questionable fish tacos were available from a pop-up stand perpendicular to the merch table. The Temper Trap had a nifty new eye chart, Sweet Disposition inspired shirt, alongside copies of their new, Thick as Thieves (2016) album. Fittingly, The Temper Trap started off their set with the titular track, “Thick as Thieves.” Dougy Mandagi’s voice was exceptional, sounding just as good live as it does recorded. The band continued to play a selection from Thick as Thieves, including “Alive,” “Summer’s Almost Gone,” “Tombstone,” “What If I’m Wrong,” and “Ordinary World.” It was low-key Friday night, with much of the crowd waiting on those older songs. Concert goers were sitting on the step by the Phoenix’s bar, enjoying the music without even seeing the music, gripping their vinyls that they hoped to get signed post-show.

Everyone, though, stood up for those old songs the band had saved for the encore – “Soldier On” and “Sweet Disposition.” The crowd picked up, and though there were no mosh pits or crowd surfers, the energy was just as dynamic with a theatre full of people swinging and swaying along to (and checking their eyesight against) “A moment, a love / A dream aloud.”

The Temper Trap are continuing their tour through the Southern United States before heading overseas to their home continent, Australia.



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Photos by Marcia Leeder | Website | @MarciaLeeder  // Review by Leah Edwards

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