You’ve GOT to See This: Luke Swoon – “Night Lights”

Luke Swoon

It’s always a shame to see a band part company, particularly when you’d yet to see them live. Such was the case with Buckinghamshire trio Swoons who split up in August after three years in which AMBY had featured the windswept video for their single “Striking Lights” and the sweaty performance video for “The Side”.

Greeting the news with the (to my mind at least) positively pun-tastic comment “Come back Swoon”, I had little idea that just that would happen in the shape of the debut release from Luke Swoon aka former Swoons’ frontman Luke Duffet. Taking a more poppy route, “Night Lights” is a powerful ballad the video to which sees Luke return to the seaside and if the direction was in the kindest possible way to “get into the sea” Luke does exactly that, leading to Little Indie Blog’s swooning enough under Harry Styles’ comparisons to immediately make it their track of the week.

Filmed by Lawrence Wheeler and directed by Paul Rivers, the video is the perfect accompaniment to Luke’s debut as a singer/songwriter, with the video’s production values matching those of the single. And while Swoons will be missed there is much to look forward to in Luke’s new direction.

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Review by Gavin Watson | @watsongc

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