Review: Oscar and Girli @ The Harley – Sheffield

Mickey Mouse tee on, jeans rolled, and grin at the ready, the oh too charming Oscar lifted the spirits of the modest crowd that had gathered to see him on a weekday night in Sheffield.

The Harley may not have been packed to the rafters, however Girli treated their performance no different. With more room to manoeuvre, swapping out the crowd surfing seemed a must and instead of this ‘Girls Get Angry Too’ saw the duo right up in people’s grill. Flipping the crowd off and dragging admirers on stage, Girli embodies all things girl power, and whilst her backing tracks lack the punch her lyrics deserve, her bizarre stage presence surely makes their set an entertaining one.

Touring his debut album Cut and Paste, Oscar Scheller appears to be revelling in tour life. Rattling out tasty jams and upbeat melodies the likeable performer’s material boasts confidence. Surprisingly it takes a short while for the chap to find his feet, however that cheeky grin soon catches up and the dance moves begin to reach their corniest.

There’s a defining tone to the pop shakers debut that when performed live can seem to border on the similar, yet Oscar’s charisma and ability to make the crowd smile soon brushes this aside. Telling tales of his time at art’s college, his deep assuring voice strangely suits the vibrant guitar choruses of ‘Daffodil Days’ and the buzzing melodies set in ‘Sometimes’.


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Review by Jacob Flannery |

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