Review + Photos: The Lumineers @ Usher Hall – Edinburgh

The Lumineers


It’s been almost three years since The Lumineers performed in the capital of Scotland, but it has been worth the wait, the band have released their second studio album earlier this year which has been a success.

After a relentless touring schedule for their debut album which saw them touring around the world for almost three years, the results have been shown on stage for all to see.

The Denver-based group’s previous acoustic stylings have been given a bit of an electric makeover which have been more of electrical sounding to the often melodies the band play, but it still sounding very much like The Lumineers.

The sound has switched between the big barnstormers such as Big Parade and Flowers in Your Hair and made more gentle soundings such as Sleep on the Floor and Sick in the Head. The crowd was very rowdy for a Friday night at Usher Hall in the capital.  But the crowd’s energy for the band was there all night even during acapella songs the band performed.

Overall the band returned in style and let’s hopes it isn’t another three years for the band to return to the capital.



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Review and Photos by Calum Buchan | @calum_buchan

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