Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Sum 41

Sum 41
Alicia’s video interview with Sum 41 will be on AMBY shortly. For now, indulge in this recent interview hosted by Jules from Sum 41’s recent time in France.

Sum 41 were recently host to a short press conference during the festival Rock en Seine. We jumped into the talk to know a bit more about the upcoming album 13 Voices and were thrilled to ask them a couple of questions. We got an insight to the new song War and learned about some good skills that the guys haven’t presented on stage.

AMBY: Hi guys. So, you got a new song called War

Deryck: Yes.

AMBY: Can you tell us a bit about the themes and sound for the song?

Deryck: Yea. So, I was at the hospital for a kidney failure after years and years of touring, drinking and partying. When I then got to the hospital I had to rebuild myself. I was in the hospital for so long that I had muscle atrophy. I had severe nerve damage in my feet. I couldn’t stand and I couldn’t walk, and it took about a year and a half before I could start walk normally again. In that time it felt like my recovery was never getting any better. It was a struggle to try keep pushing and keep fighting and hoping I would get better. I didn’t know if I would. There was this point where I could easily fall back in drinking and let it all go, but I decided to push harder and work harder to get back to ultimately being here on tour, making a record, being in a band again, and I wrote that song about that feeling of trying to push through.

(I shake my head in understanding and signalize a thank you for the answer. I am impressed to hear this story and appreciate that he opens up like this to give us a insight right into the struggles that inspired this song to be written. The other medias get to ask some further questions regarding everything between the older work, new band members, concerts in France, and even time machines. The last one mentioned here with a slight doubt from the band as they are not sure what to say. Frank grabs a microphone to let us know that he maybe would have liked to go back in time and be in the band from the start, which makes sense. Tom likes where he is now and suggests that the journalist could just go by this machine herself. We let it stay by that, with some good laughs. A few moments later I get the chance to ask the band another question that can tell a bit about their interests besides what we can watch on stage, and they seem keen to let us know more about that as well)

AMBY: Hi again. When not playing on stage, what other talents can you guys show off?

Deryck: Umm… basketball!

Jason: I am a mediocre golfer.

(The answers seem more or less surprising so far and some gentle laughs are made. A few people by the seats also show their support to the answers by saying ”yea!”, but there is another journalist that doesn’t seem to be totally convinced or maybe just a bit mind blown and burst out the word ”really?” Jason assures us that he is all sincere with this)

Jason: Yea.

Tom: I can play hockey pretty well. Ice hockey!

Dave: I cook… and that is about it.

Frank: Yea, I love cooking.

AMBY: Alright! Thank you.


Thank you Sum 41, for giving us your answers!

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Interview and Photos by Jules Faurschou | @rockonpoets

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