Video Games Emerge as an Unlikely Aid for Mental Health

It is a commonly held belief that video games are only for entertainment and offer no benefits apart from being a burden on the time and health. Those who regularly play video games are often looked down upon, as it is viewed as something that can hurt social life, eyesight, and our sleep. A new dimension to video games, however, have come up in recent years.

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Just as video games are looked down upon, mental health is also a major source of concern in the society. Depression and anxiety are two big problems related to mental health, and they often cause untold misery to individuals. Often, it becomes tough to discuss these problems with others while managing to swim out of it also seems extremely difficult.

Surprisingly, video games – like those at – might have become a solution to the latter. Doctors and scientists are increasingly prescribing video games as a tool to overcome mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Of course, it is important that the video games as a solution to mental health issues should be moderated so as to avoid becoming an addiction. The game therapy involves paying attention to the amount of time spent on video games. It is highly unlikely that doctors will prescribe an eight-hour session of video games in order to overcome mental health issues.

Here are some of the top types of video games prescribed to overcome mental issues:

Co-operation and multiplayer role-play games

Depressed individuals tend to stay aloof and one of the ways to overcome this characteristic is to ensure playing cooperative games or play the multiplayer games that help promote more social interaction and ability to work as a team. It is often thought that Mario and Star Wars: The Old Republic are some of the game’s ideal for this situation. As these games are suitable for adults, it makes them a great option for all age groups. However, it should be remembered that supervision is to be provided so as to avoid spending excessive time on video games and not actual real-life interaction.

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift can be a great solution for having some immersive gaming experience, and there are some games specifically tuned for those with mental issues. Deep is an example of a game developed for the Oculus Rift platform, and it specialises in promoting breathing exercises. Breathing is often regarded as one of the best ways to alleviate depression and other major issues. This game offers a peaceful underwater environment, which responds to the breath. Apart from helping the player relax and focus on the underwater world, it also brings about a major change in terms of the body metabolism.


Puzzle games induce intense thought process in the mind and they can be a great way to reduce stress. Anxiety can also be alleviated by opting for puzzle games. More and more problems affecting our daily life has led to a lot of anxiety related issues, but games like Peggle and Bejeweled are starting to image as great options which will help reduce stress. Since they are available even on mobile phones, they are accessible everywhere.

Mental health is as crucial as the physical health. Paying attention to mental health is extremely critical in order to avoid issues like anxiety and depression. Video games may sound like a strange solution to the aspect of maintaining mental health, but they are starting to play a crucial role. More and more doctors are starting to see video games as a realistic way of improving mental health. As with any other medication, it is vital that supervision is present so as to avoid the problem of addiction.

Wrapping it up

Of course, video games are a creative way of overcoming mental health issues, but they have come a long way as more and more people are ready to talk about the issues and the solutions. It is truly surprising that is something that is considered as a pastime to kill boredom can be highly productive in certain applications.

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